Trump’s encounter with Guy Fieri at UFC fight sparks mixed reactions

Donald Trump attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas on Saturday night after a volunteer event for his Nevada primary campaign.

While the former president was met with cheers from the crowd and high-fived supporters at the T-Mobile Arena for UFC 290, his interactions with some of the notable names present caused a mixed reaction online, Newsweek reports.

UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan was present and met with Mr Trump, but pictures of the former president conversing with celebrity chef Guy Fieri seemed to spur the most scorn and praise.

Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson, a Trump supporter, posted a picture of the two men to Twitter, referring in the caption to Fieri’s catchphrase: “Trump in Flavor Town”.

In the comments, Trump supporters were thrilled to see the two men together with one Twitter user saying: “My respect for flavortown and Guy Fieri has gone UP!”

Others said: “Guy isn’t afraid of the mob”, “I knew Guy had good judgment!” and “I knew Guy was one of a kind!!! But now he is on top of my list!!! MAGAFieri”.

Detractors of the twice-indicted, twice-impeached former president also didn’t hold back, with one writing: “He just ruined his reputation.”

“Literally one of the worst cooks out there hang with worst president ever,” another post read, while others riffed on variations that Mr Trump was “still going to jail”.

A meme created using the photo reads: “Does this Flavortown have an extradition treaty with US?”

On the more amusing side were posts reading: “Twitter can’t handle these two hair icons” and “Trump thinking ‘this mfs hair is as ridiculous as mine’.”

Fieri has rarely spoken about politics but he was praised for raising more than $21.5m in just seven weeks to help unemployed restaurant workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also spotted chatting with the former president at the event were controversial Australian actor Mel Gibson, and Republican campaign strategist Roger Stone, who was pardoned by Mr Trump after being sentenced to prison in relation to a probe into 2016 election interference.

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