Reddit users rally around passenger berated for confronting woman about loud flight chat

Reddit users rallied around an airline passenger who says he was berated by a fellow traveller after he confronted her about how loudly she had been talking during their flight.

The man recounted the story on Reddit’s subreddit known as “AITA” (Am I the A**hole) and asked users if he had been wrong “for telling the lady two seats behind me on a plane [that] she was screaming the whole flight?”

The Reddit user, who goes by the name “Walfredo_wya” said in his 11 July post that he took action as “the lady across the aisle from me looked terrified and said they’re on her next flight.”

“I got up and walked back and said, ‘You guys are flying to Florida next, right? You may want to consider being a little more quiet on your next flight. I had earplugs in and could hear you screaming the entire time.’”

He said that the woman, who was with her boyfriend, was not amused at the confrontation.

“I turn back around and her boyfriend calls me an a**hole. So I turned back and asked what he said. He told me I was an a**hole,” he said.

When the woman insisted that “we weren’t even talking loud”, the Reddit user listed off her topics of conversation.

“I show them the earplugs in my hand and said, ‘I had earplugs in my ears two seats ahead of you, and I heard all about Frank’s wedding, your nail appointment, feeding your dogs, your cellphone bill [and] the TV shows your mom watches,’” he added.

He then asked people in the subreddit if was “NTA” (Not the A**hole), “YTA” (You’re the A**hole), “NAH (No A**holes Here) or “ESH” (Everyone Suck Here).

“If you could hear them from two seats back even [with] earplugs, they’re definitely talking way too loud. NTA,” wrote one user.

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