Watch live: Wildfire rages near Athens as temperatures predicted to soar

Watch live as a wildfire rages northwest of Athens, Greece, on Wednesday (19 July).

Two fires burned uncontrolled through forestland and towns northwest of Athens for on Tuesday, forcing more residents to flee their homes.

Authorities are working to stop the flames reaching an area with oil refineries.

Greek meterorologist Theodoros Yiannaros told state broadcaster ERT that winds will recede on Thursday but risk at the weekend will be very high.

His comments came as temperatures were forecast at more than 43C on Sunday.

The blaze broke out on Monday in Dervenochoria, around 30 km 19 miles) north of Athens.

It quickly spread as it was fanned by winds, burning houses and forcing people to flee as it reached Mandra on Tuesday.

More than 250 firefighters aided by volunteers and 75 fire engines were on standby to tackle the flames through the night.

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