Travis Scott’s concert in Egypt.. Will it take place on time?

Until now, the repercussions of the crisis of international rapper Travis Scott’s concert, which is scheduled to be held in Egypt next Friday, continue, amid doubts about holding the concert, its cancellation due to the uproar surrounding the singer, and the existence of a case of rejection of him and his concert.

Prevent Scott from entering the pyramids area

And he calculates information obtained by Al The famous singer was surprised by his refusal to enter the pyramids area, as well as the venue for organizing the concert yesterday, Thursday, as Travis Scott and the organizing company were scheduled to enter the place in order to prepare for the concert, which requires preparation for a number of days to prepare the stage and enter the equipment.

In statements to Egyptian media, Mohamed Serag, the regional director of Tickets Marche, the party’s organizer, confirmed that the company did not obtain an explicit paper to cancel the ceremony, “and he does not know, until this moment, the reasons for the controversy surrounding it on social media.”

No official letter

Yesterday, Thursday, he said that he did not reach the company an official letter banning holding the ceremony in Egypt, adding that the company had all the necessary permits, and accordingly decided to open the door for tickets, and they were completely sold out within only 11 minutes in an incident that occurred for the first time.

He also added that a large number of other nationalities and foreigners had purchased tickets for the concert, explaining that after communicating with the licensing authorities, they confirmed that the permit is considered null in the event that the security authorities do not agree, and until this moment there is no official letter confirming the existence of a security refusal to hold the ceremony.

Notice to cancel the party

In addition, the Egyptian lawyer, Amr Abdel Salam, issued an official warning, by a reporter, to the artist, Mostafa Kamel, the head of the Musicians Syndicate, in which he demanded the withdrawal of the permit issued by the Musicians Syndicate for rapper Travis Scott to hold his concert.

The notice stated that as soon as the party organizing company announced the launch of the concert on July 28, social media was abuzz with the refusal to hold this party on Egyptian soil because the rapper used to practice satanic rituals, with his concerts, and what his concert that was held in the United States of America in 2021 witnessed the death and injury of dozens of Americans, adding that this prompted the American authorities to open urgent and extensive investigations to find out the reasons that led to the killing and injury of dozens and the families of the victims filing hundreds of lawsuits against him and against the company that I organized the party and demanded $10 billion from them.

Travis Scott – Archives

Abdel Salam revealed to that holding such a party threatens to commit criminal offenses punishable under the provisions of the Penal Code, calling on the union to prevent the issuance of the permit.

message to the Egyptians

International rapper Travis Scott had sent a message to the Egyptians, calling on them not to believe the rumors circulating about his concert.

The international star ridiculed the accusations against him, and said in a statement: “I do not have any strange inappropriate rituals, but rather they are just celebrations that I present with my fans.”

The singer denied the idea of ​​his atheism and his worship of Satan, saying: “I am from the state of Houston, a state that has customs and traditions in respecting the idea of ​​the family, and I am from a religious family, and I regularly attend prayers in the church.”

He added, “I have not presented, throughout my artistic career, any song that carries an insult to any people in the world, stressing his full respect for the Egyptian people, who have all respect and appreciation.”

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