New York City construction crane catches fire and collapses into Manhattan high rise – live updates

Moment crane collapses in middle of Manhattan after catching fire

A construction crane caught fire and partially collapsed in the heart of Manhattan on Wednesday morning, sending commuters fleeing for their lives as rubble rained down onto the streets below.

The fire broke out at around 7.30am ET on a crane on a building under construction along W 41st St and 10th Avenue, close to Hudson Yards.

Terrifying bystander footage showed the top of the crane alight before it suddenly collapsed, crashing into a building opposite where it appeared to smash several windows. New Yorkers in the streets below were seen running away from the carnage.

Five people – four civilians and one firefighter – suffered minor injuries from the collapse, with New York City Mayor Eric Adams saying it was “extremely lucky” that more people weren’t hurt.

The area around the incident has been evacuated as firefighters work to tackle the blaze, shooting water jets from other high-rise buildings. By 8.30am most of the fire was out.


Flashback: 2016 crane collapse kills one in Tribeca

In 2016, one person was killed and three people were seriously injured after a crane collapsed in Lower Manhattan. The crane collapsed on several parked cars, crushing their roofs.

Videos and pictures from the scene showed the large metal frame splayed across the street, and initial reports suggested people are trapped in cars.

The crane spanned the entire length of at least one block when it fell to the ground in Worth Street, TriBeCa.

Here’s our report from the time:

Oliver O’Connell26 July 2023 16:35


Video shows crane crashing into Manhattan skyscraper after catching fire

This terrifying footage shows a large construction crane on fire in Manhattan. The arm of the crane hits a building as it crashes into the street below. Videos posted across social media show flames bursting from the crane above 10th Avenue on 41st street. The crane’s arm scraped the top floors of a skyscraper across the street as it fell, shortly before 8am New York time. There are no immediate reports of any injuries. Emergency services are at the scene.

Oliver O’Connell26 July 2023 16:05


WATCH: NYC Mayor Eric Adams says its ‘fortunate’ only four civilians were injured in crane collapse

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says its ‘fortunate’ only four civilians were injured in crane collapse

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 15:40


WATCH: Aftermath of the crane collapse

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 15:20


Mayor Eric Adams: ‘Extremely lucky’ more weren’t injured

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has said that it was “extremely lucky” that more people weren’t injured in the crane collapse.

Four civilians and one firefighter suffered minor injuries in the incident on Wednesday morning when the crane caught fire and collapsed, sending 16 tonnes of concrete and parts of the crane tumbling to the ground.

The mayor said it was “extremely lucky there weren’t more injuries given the concrete spread over such a large area when it hit the ground”.

The incident took place during a busy time when a lot of New Yorkers will have been commuting to work.

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 15:05


Shocking photos show debris in Manhattan road

Debris lies in the road from the crane collapse

(NYC Mayor’s Office)

Smoke billows into the air from the crane

(NYC Mayor’s Office)

NYC Mayor’s Office released these images of officials on the scene of the crane collapse

(NYC Mayor’s Office)

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 14:55


How the collapse unfolded:

Officials said that the incident unfolded at around 7.30am ET on Wednesday morning.

A crane operator was operating the construction crane at a mixed use building under construction.

The crane was being used to lift around 16 tonnes of concrete when the operator saw the fire and tried to extinguish it.

Officials said that the operator got overwhelmed by the blaze.

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 14:45


Where did the crane hit?

New York officials gave this update on the location of the crane collapse.

The building under construction: 550 10th Avenue.

The building hit by the crane: 555 10th Avenue.

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 14:40


Five people injured in collapse

Five people were injured in the incident, officials confirmed.

Four civilians sustained minor injuries while one firefighter was wounded as they responded to the scene.

The identities of the victims are unknown at this time.

It is unclear whether they were injured as a result of the falling debris.

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 14:36


New York officials give press conference on crane collapse

New York officials including Mayor Eric Adams are holding a press conference on the crane collapse.

Authorities said that the crane caught fire at around 7.25am as it was working on a mixed use building currently under construction aty the corner of 10th Av and 41st Street.

The fire heated and weakened the cable holding the load of the crane, causing about 16 tonnes of concrete and the arm of the crane to go crashing down onto the avenue.

Rachel Sharp26 July 2023 14:31

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