Maui fires latest update: Hawaii wildfire death toll rises as Biden ‘no comment’ line slammed

Wildfire roars through Hawaii’s historic Lahaina

President Joe Biden has been slammed for his response to the Hawaii wildfires as he appeared to make some dismissive remarks and has made no plans to visit the beleaguered state.

Over the weekend, the president was repeatedly asked by reporters about the devastating fires which tore through Maui, razing the historic town of Lahaina and leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

After spending a couple of hours relaxing on the beach in Delaware on Sunday, Mr Biden was asked about the rising death toll in Hawaii, to which he simply replied “no comment” sparking fury from his political rivals.

While he comes under fire, Hawaii Governor Josh Green and other state lawmakers have praised the president for the speed with which he deployed FEMA resources to the state.

On Tuesday – now one week after the fires first began ravaging the island – officials announced a new grim death toll of 99 victims.

The governor warned that the number of fatalities may continue to increase by 10 to 20 people per day as officials continue to search for survivors and victims.


Map of Maui wildfires: Where are the Hawaii fires?

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 13:40


Moody’s economists estimate $1bn insured losses from fires

Moody’s Investors Service’s insurance team has estimated around $1bn in insured losses from fires.

“As of 11 August, several wildfires had caused a tragic loss of life and destroyed most of the Lahaina community in western Maui, Hawaii,” the economists said in the report.

“The Pacific Disaster Center and FEMA estimated that 2207 structures were damaged or destroyed in the Lahaina fire and 2719 structures exposed.

“Given the damage assessment and Lahaina’s relatively high $1.5 million average single-family home value, we estimate insured losses will be at least $1 billion and primarily affect P&C insurers with significant homeowners and commercial property market share in Lahaina. It will take weeks or months to determine the magnitude of the insured damages.”

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 13:20


How to help victims of Hawaii wildfires

Thousands of Hawaii citizens have been displaced following wildfires that devastated the historic town of Lahaina in Maui.

Here is a list of resources to help those impacted by the natural disaster:

Ariana Baio15 August 2023 13:00


Former NBA coach opens homes to Maui residents

Former Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson has announced that he is opening his homes to people impacted by the wildfires in Maui.

Mr Nelson moved full-time to West Maui more than a decade ago and has since invested in several short-term rental homes on the Hawaiian island.

“We’re doing the best we can, but we only have space for about 24 people,” Nelson told the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday.

“There are thousands of people homeless right now. It’s overwhelming.”

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 12:40


Only quarter of fire area has been searched for victims so far

Only a quarter of the area has been searched so far for victims of the Lahaina fire.

In the latest update from officials, the Maui Police Department said that the death toll had climbed to 99 victims.

So far, only three have been formally identified.

The death toll is likely to climb higher still as only about 25 percent of the area has so far been searched.

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 12:20


Maui residents had just minutes to flee from wildfires. Now they’re desperately searching for pets left behind

When wildfires swept through Lahaina without warning last Tuesday, residents were forced to grab what they could and flee.

At least 99 residents have been killed, more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed, and an estimated 1,000 people remain unaccounted for.

Hundreds of families who escaped the inferno have begun the desperate task of searching for pets that were left behind in the chaos.

Facebook groups have been inundated with photos of cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and exotic birds, and many remain missing nearly one week on from the deadliest wildfire in the United States in more than a century.

“I am absolutely heartbroken,” one pet owner wrote on the Lost & Found Animals of Maui Fires group along with photos of her cats Lily Jupiter, Puma and Tiger.

Megan Sheets15 August 2023 12:00


Victims’ identities will start being released today

One week after the fires first began ravaging the island, officials announced a new grim death toll of 99 victims.

The governor warned that the number of fatalities may continue to increase by 10 to 20 people per day as officials continue to search for survivors and victims.

Officials announced that they will begin releasing the names of victims on Tuesday.

“Their names will be released after their families are notified,” Maui county said.

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 11:40


WATCH: Barack Obama’s message to people of Hawaii after deadly wildfires

Barack Obama’s message to people of Hawaii after deadly wildfires

Rachel Sharp15 August 2023 11:20


Did Hawaii officials botch the response to Maui wildfires?

The wildfires that have devastated Hawaii in the past week now officially constitute the worst natural disaster of its type that America has seen in a century, its death toll now at 99, surpassing the number of people killed in California’s notorious Camp Fire of summer 2018.

Megan Sheets15 August 2023 11:00


Maui resident says ‘Lahaina is not for sale’ to land investors

Ariana Baio15 August 2023 10:00

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