Eight people hospitalised after road rage shooting leads to fiery car crash in Colorado

A probable road rage incident has left eight people hospitalised after a car crashed into a field near Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that happened on Thursday afternoon in area northwest of the city near Owl Canyon Road and US Highway 287.

Shots were allegedly fired by the driver of a car into another vehicle, which then crashed and caught on fire.

Eight people were inside the car when the shots were fired, but none were hit nor received any injuries from the shooting. However, they sustained injuries — mostly minor — from the crash, according to investigators.

In addition, an ambulance that arrived at the scene to help the injured people also caught fire. However, it wasn’t from the burning car, according to firefighters, but because the ambulance was very old, as reported by 9News.

One victim had to be airlifted from the scene. Others were taken to hospital, but have sustained no life-threatening injuries.

A road rage shooting incident led to a fiery car crash

(FOX31 Denver)

Both vehicle fires were extinguished around 6pm, yet multiple roads were kept closed for an investigation.

Larimer County investigators are still searching for suspects in the incident.

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