Burning Man 2023 live: Chaos unfolds as attendees make mass exodus after heavy rain stranded thousands

Burning Man festival-goer shows grim conditions after flooding chaos

More chaos has unfolded at the Burning Man festival as revellers clashed during the exodus from the Nevada desert.

Attendees finally began leaving the city at Black Rock City on Monday afternoon after severe flooding and muddy conditions left thousands stranded over the weekend.

During the mass exodus, Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen said that attendees “lashed out” at each other as they faced an eight-hour wait to leave.

“As usually happens in what Burners refer to as the ‘default world’ people allow their emotions to override their reasonableness and they are lashing out at each other as they leave the playa and attempt to make it to their next destination,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The man who died during the festival was also identified as 32-year-old Leon Reece. The exact cause and manner of Reece’s death are still pending but the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday that drug intoxication was suspected.

Meanwhile, officials continue to field conspiracies including a debunked theory that the festival was hit with an Ebola outbreak.

The annual burning of the man went ahead on Monday evening, after being delayed by the weather.


Oliver Anthony among those ‘trapped’ at Burning Man amid flooding chaos

Oliver Anthony, the country artist behind the viral hit “Rich Men North of Richmond”, is apparently among those stranded at Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Anthony, 31, was scheduled to be interviewed by the socialist political journal Midwestern Marx on Sunday (3 September); however, in a live stream, its presenters said the singer was “trapped” at Burning Man.

“Our man Oliver Anthony has been trapped in the flooding at Burning Man, this is what he told us over email,” one of the show’s three hosts explained.

“Oliver’s representative told us that he’ll be out there for at least another day. So honestly, right now, we’re mostly just concerned with his safety and hopefully he can make it out of this situation safe and then we can reschedule the interview for a different time.”

Ariana Baio6 September 2023 04:00


Exodus time nearly four hours

The exodus wait time is approximately four hours, according to a social media account linked to the Burning Man Project.

“Please be patient as you exit through Gate Road, and respect Burning Man staff who are working hard to make the Exodus experience as smooth and safe as possible,” it said.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar6 September 2023 03:44


Nevada Department of Health reports ‘no unsual disease problems’

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported that there were no unusual diseases found at Burning Man after conspiracy theories ran rampant online.

“The Division of Public and Behavioral Health has worked with Burning Man to oversee emergency medical services and environmental health, including some staff on site during the weather challenges,” a spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Health said in a statement provided to The Independent.

“Despite these challenges, staff report no unusual disease problems and that emergency services crews are all working together with no immediate concerns.”

Ariana Baio6 September 2023 02:00


Burning Man death caused by suspected drug intoxication

Leon Reece, 32, was found unresponsive on the remote and weather-hit Nevada festival grounds on Friday.

Graeme Massie6 September 2023 01:30


Watch: Burning Man festival-goer shows grim conditions after flooding chaos

Burning Man festival-goer shows grim conditions after flooding chaos

Ariana Baio6 September 2023 01:00


What’s it really like to survive nine days in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert?

In the dark hours of the morning, deep in the open desert, long-time “Burner” Stewie sits with his back to a flimsy orange plastic fence. Ski goggles perched on his head despite the lingering dust storm, he turns an embroidered badge over and over in his fingers. Bearing a map of where we are, it reads “EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD”.

Read more from Claire Dodd here.

Ariana Baio6 September 2023 00:00


ICYMI: Sheriff’s office names man who died at Burning Man

Authorities on Monday revealed the identity of the man who died at the Burning Man festival as thousands of attendees began their exodus from the northern Nevada desert following heavy rains.

The Pershing County sheriff’s office identified the man as 32-year-old Leon Reece.

Authorities received a call around 6.24pm (local time) on Friday about an unresponsive man on the ground at the ephemeral Black Rock City, sheriff Jerry Allen.

The man was being administered CPR by medical personnel at the festival as flooding on the playa due to heavy rains delayed the arrival of deputies.

By the time the deputies arrived, Reece was pronounced dead by the festival doctor, Sheriff Allen told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ariana Baio5 September 2023 23:00


Burning Man 2023 was an undeniable disaster. But these conspiracy theories aren’t part of it

As 70,000 Burning Man festivalgoers were braving the elements, rumours of an Ebola outbreak reportedly sent panic through the desert city. It was yet another wild conspiracy theory created by bad actors on Elon Musk’s X.

Ariana Baio5 September 2023 22:00


In Photos: Burners leave this year’s festival

People wait in line for a bus to leave the Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, 04 September 2023


Vehicles are seen departing the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada


Ariana Baio5 September 2023 21:00


Viral country star Oliver Anthony among those ‘trapped’ at Burning Man amid flooding chaos

Oliver Anthony, the country artist behind the viral hit “Rich Men North of Richmond”, is apparently among those stranded at Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Ariana Baio5 September 2023 20:30

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