John Fetterman mocks Comer with ‘gift’ of Bud Light for impeachment

A case of Bud Light beer with a note tapped to it sat outside of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability room on Thursday morning, thanks to Democratic senator John Fetterman.

The unusual sight to see was a “gift” addressed to Kentucky representative, James Comer, who led an impeachment hearing into President Joe Biden.

“To Rep Comer & his squad, a profile in courage can make a guy thirsty. Congratulations, this Bud’s for you. Hugs & kisses: John Fetterman,” a note tapped to the case of beer read.

It was an obvious attempt by the Pennsylvania senator to poke fun at Mr Comer and other House Republicans for attempting to impeach Mr Biden on what one witness has called an insufficient amount of evidence.

Mr Fetterman said on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he directed his staff to deliver the gift on Thursday morning before the hearing began.

“This morning I directed my staff to deliver a gift to congratulate and salute Representative Comer and his Team America ™ squad as they embark on their historic impeachment journey,” Mr Fetterman wrote.

Mr Fetterman’s choice of Bud Light was likely intentional – a possible reference to the recent conservative-backed campaign to boycott the beer brand after they sponsored a transgender woman to promote Bud Light.

For weeks, Republicans have warned Democrats that they plan to open an impeachment inquiry into Mr Biden believing he committed high crimes and misdemeanours by abusing his influence as president to intervene in his son, Hunter Biden’s, business dealings.

Mr Comer claimed to have “mountains of evidence” proving this. So far, the said evidence has not surfaced.

Democrats, including Mr Fetterman and Democratic Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, have criticised the impeachment hearing for being nothing more than a politically motivated move to damage President Biden ahead of an election year.

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