George Santos says he is ‘at peace’ with expulsion as vote looms today: Live

George Santos holds presser on looming expulsion vote: ‘This is bullying’

The political future of scandal-plagued New York Republican Rep George Santos is currently hanging in balance ahead of an expulsion vote expected to take place today.

House Republicans and Democrats are preparing to vote whether or not to make Mr Santos one of only a handful of lawmakers ever ousted from their role, in response to a damning 56-page report from the House Ethics Committee which outlined “substantial evidence” that Mr Santos violated federal law.

Speaking on the House floor on Thursday, Mr Santos said that he was “at peace” with the outcome of the vote. “I have accepted expulsion”.

This came hours after he gave a press conference where he refused to resign and said that “if I leave, they win” and claimed he was of victim of “bullying”.

“I will be filing a slew of complaints today and tomorrow,” he said, adding he would move to file a motion to expel New York Democratic Rep Jamaal Bowman after he pleaded guilty to pulling the fire alarm during the House vote in September. The Ethics Committee chose not to try to expel Mr Bowman.


Santos mocked after belief that earth is flat gets more support

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Democrats won’t whip vote on expelling Santos

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Jeffries calls Santos ‘an unadulterated serial fraudster’

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George Santos hints at possible future bid after expulsion vote: ‘Doesn’t mean it’s goodbye forever’

It also alleges that he used campaign donations for personal expenses, violated the Ethics in Government Act, and committed fraud using a company he co-owned.

In May, Mr Santos was indicted in a Long Island court on 13 charges followed by another 10 charges in a superseding indictment filed in October.

George Santos hints at possible future bid, says this isn’t ‘goodbye forever’

Holly Patrick1 December 2023 08:00


‘You guys like digging up stuff on me’

Mr Santos faces a federal investigation. Prosecutors charged him earlier this year and he appeared in court in late October to plead not guilty to charges including stealing the identities of campaign contributors to make more than $44,000 in credit card purchases and moving a “vast majority” of a $12,000 bank transfer to his personal account.

During his press conference, he mentioned how some members have “severe allegations against them,” but when asked about who they were, Mr Santos refused to give names.

“Why do I have to do your job for you,” he said in response to a question from The Independent. “You guys like digging up stuff on me. Why don’t you go dig up on other members?”

Mr Santos maintained that he would not resign but said he would not seek re-election. Still, he said that he would not re-enter public life.

“I’m 35 years old,” he said. “That doesn’t mean goodbye forever.”

Mr Santos ended his press conference swarmed by photographers as he went back into his Jaguar SUV while some hecklers criticised him, with one saying “you look better in drag.”

Eric Garcia1 December 2023 07:00


‘Let’s hold our own accountable but let’s make sure that we do it with the precedent of the House’

Mr Santos criticised the fact that the House was not voting to expel Rep Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) after Mr Bowman pulled a fire alarm during a House vote in September, which prompted him to say that he would file a privileged motion to expel the New York Democrat. This came despite the Ethics Committee choosing not to investigate Mr Bowman.

“Let’s hold our own accountable but let’s make sure that we do it with the precedent of the House,” he said.

The House will hold a full vote on expelling Mr Santos on Friday. The vote would require two-thirds of the House to remove the freshman Republican member.

Mr Santos has faced scrutiny ever since his election when news reports showed he fabricated multiple parts of his life’s story as well as his professional history.

The vote will be the third effort in a year to remove Mr Santos from the House. A previous effort in May filed by Democrats failed and earlier this month, another vote failed right before the release of the Ethics Committee report.

Eric Garcia1 December 2023 06:00


Santos says refuting ethics report would be ‘counterproductive at this time’

Mr Santos used his press conference not to refute the specific allegations in the report.

“It is counterproductive for me to do so at this time,” he told reporters on Thursday morning. “There will be a time that I will unpack it entirely and go line by line.”

Mr Santos criticised the Ethics Committee saying that he complied with the investigation, even though the report said he did not cooperate.

“No decent cop would bring this to a prosecutor or a DA and say, here’s our report, go ahead and charge it,” he said.

Rather, Mr Santos chose to list a series of unrelated grievances, blaming Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for protesters critical of Israel confronting police officers during the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.

Eric Garcia1 December 2023 05:00


‘One year from hell’

On Thursday morning, Mr Santos told reporters: “I’ve spoken to a lot of members, I don’t ask people to come to my defence … I pass on that because I think this is my battle and I don’t want to drag people into the fray”.

“I would have done a lot of things differently, I would have associated with a lot of different people, I would have definitely stayed away from a lot of people, he added. “But I will say this. Today is my second-year wedding anniversary and I’m going to enjoy it and try to forget the fact that it’s been one year from hell.”

Gustaf Kilander1 December 2023 04:00


Santos throws tantrum press conference on eve of expulsion from Congress

Embattled Rep George Santos (R-NY) delivered a defiant press conference early Thursdasy morning as he faces an expulsion vote on Friday.

The embattled Republican freshman rolled into his press conference in a black Jaguar SUV and criticised the fact that he would be joining five other members of Congress who were either members of the Confederacy or convicted criminals.

“So if I am to get expelled tomorrow, I will be number six in the history of the first Republican and the only one without a conviction or without having committed treason,” he said.

The House of Representatives is set to vote on whether to expel Mr Santos on Friday. The vote comes after the House Ethics Committee–a bipartisan committee–released a report detailing how Mr Santos used campaign cash to make personal expenses, filed false campaign finance reports to the Federal Election Commission and engaged in “knowing and willful violations” of the Ethics in Government Act.

Eric Garcia1 December 2023 03:00


Kenneth Cole hilariously calls George Santos’ outfit ‘expulsion chic’

Kenneth Cole hilariously reacted to George Santos’ outfit on Threads.

As Congress prepares to vote to expel Republican Rep George Santos of New York, the disgraced politician was seen on Capitol Hill wearing a burgundy red blazer layered on top of a black sweater and button-down. Below a picture of the congressman, clothing brand Kenneth Cole wrote on Threads that Santos’ outfit was “expulsion chic.”

Threads users added that Santos looked like he could be “Dr. Evil’s stylist” from Austin Powers. Another joked, “Hint: He liked it so much he bought the company,” referencing one of the former congressman’s many lies about his fortune.

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