Kidnapped woman saved from alleged captor after mouthing ‘save me’ to Florida police

Kidnapped woman saved from alleged captor after mouthing ‘save me’ to Florida police

A woman in Florida was saved from her alleged kidnapper after mouthing “save me” to police.

The victim was rescued after officers from Cape Coral Police responded to reports of a medical emergency on Monday.

Officers found two individuals, 30-year-old Jordan Garrett, who was experiencing the emergency, and a female.

According to a department release the woman was “in distress and exhibited clear signs of physical abuse”.

“The victim, in a dire plea for help, silently mouthed ‘save me’ to an officer. Further investigation revealed she had sustained multiple bruises and injuries, reportedly inflicted by Garrett,” the release stated.

Both the victim and Mr Garrett were transported to hospital for medical treatment.

While in hospital, “extensive bruising” was found on the female victim’s body. According to police she “disclosed a harrowing account of being held captive in her residence by Garrett, enduring repeated physical assaults and sexual abuse”.

She reportedly told officers that she had attempted to call for help earlier in the week but that her phone had been confiscated by Mr Garrett.

An investigation by the Cape Coral Police Department alleged that Mr Garrett forcibly detained the victim, subjecting her to continuous abuse, and prevented her from seeking medical care or contacting law enforcement.

“His actions culminated in a situation where the victim’s life was in peril, and she was denied any means to escape or seek help,” the force said.

Following medical clearance, Mr Garrett was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail.

He faces multiple charges, including battery and sexual battery, kidnapping, depriving a crime victim of medical care and the obstruction of justice.

Officer Mercedes Phillips, Public Affairs Officer for Cape Coral Police, said: “The Cape Coral Police Department condemns these heinous acts and is dedicated to ensuring justice for the victim.

“This case remains under active investigation, and further details will be released as they become available.”

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