Derek Rosa: What we know about teen charged with mother’s murder on video

Just moments before the brutal attack that took her life on 12 October, Irina Garcia was captured on a baby monitor lovingly holding her newborn daughter in her bedroom. Garcia had given birth 14 days earlier and was alone with her baby and teen son in her apartment in Hialeah, Florida, when the killing ensued.

Prosecutors have since alleged that it was Garcia’s 13-year-old son Derek Rosa who viciously stabbed her with a kitchen knife, fatally slicing an artery in her neck.

The stabbing shocked the local community and left loved ones wondering what could have possibly motivated Derek, an honour roll student, to allegedly carry out the attack.

“Derek is a good boy. Affectionate, loving,” a relative told Local10. “This is not like Derek. No one knows Derek like we know him. And this is not Derek, so you know.”

While loved ones have told the outlet that Derek appeared to be a well-adjusted child with no history of mental health issues, the evidence laid out by prosecutors tells of disturbing behaviour following his mother’s murder. That evidence includes a selfie that the teen allegedly sent to a friend in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing in which he is seen showing off his bloodied hand.

During a hearing in late November in which prosecutors argued that Derek should stay in adult prison as he awaits trial, it was also revealed that the teen allegedly took pictures of his mother’s lifeless body.

Derek was charged as an adult and is facing one count of first-degree murder. But defence attorneys have tried to portray him as a child who “still plays with legos,” and whose rights are being violated by being housed at an adult facility.

A judge is set to decide whether Derek should remain at that jail or be transferred to a juvenile facility.

Here’s everything we know about the case:

‘She’s dead, Miss’ 

Garcia and her children were alone at their apartment on the 200 block of 79th Place at the time of the murder because her husband, Derek’s stepfather, was out of town.

Snippets of the gruesome murder were captured on a baby monitor camera placed in Garcia’s room.

Just moments after the attack, Derek reportedly posed with a bloodied hand for a selfie that he sent to his friend. The selfie and other pictures were released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office ahead of a ruling regarding Derek’s housing facility.

Florida prosecutors say Garcia’s 13-year-old son Derek Rosa allegedly stabbed her to death and then posed with bloodied hands for a selfie that he sent to a friend

(Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office)

A haunting screengrab from the baby monitor also released on 5 December shows Garcia holding her 14-day daughter, who was lying next to the mother when the attack ensued. A second grab shows a figure, who police say is Derek, towering over Garcia on the night of the murder.

The 911 call alerting authorities of the stabbing came at around 11.30 pm on 12 October and was placed by Derek.

In the audio of the call released by authorities, the caller is heard telling the dispatcher to send police to his home because he had just killed his mom.

When asked if his mother was still breathing, Derek answered: “She’s dead, miss.”

Irina Garcia, 39, was captured holding her newborn daughter on the night she was murdered

(Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office)

He told the dispatcher that he had retrieved two guns owned by his stepfather and planned to kill himself, but couldn’t follow through with the plan.

“Right now, I have the gun with me. I was going to shoot myself, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to,” he said. “I took pictures and I told my friends about it. Is that bad?”

Derek then said that he was physically okay but was “really sad.”

“Miss, are they gonna kill me?” he also said.

Derek’s baby sister was found unharmed and sleeping in a crib, while her mother’s lifeless body was discovered on the floor of the room.

Prosecutors have not identified a motive for the killing, and all evidence presented in court suggests that the teen did not have problems at school or with his family.

Police Lieutenant Eddie Rodriguez told Law&Crime that Derek had continued to be extremely polite following the 911 call, even answering, “Yes, ma’am; no, ma’am,” to everything he was asked. The lieutenant said that Derek was an honour roll student at iMater Charter Middle/High School and was described as a “good kid” by his family.

Derek Rosa is charged as an adult 

Derek is being charged as an adult in the high-profile case but a judge still has to determine whether he should remain jailed in an adult prison, or be transferred to a juvenile facility, as he awaits trial.

The teen was initially held at a juvenile facility, but he was later transferred to Metro West Jail after a grand jury updated his charges from second-degree murder to first-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty.

A second grab shows a figure, who police say is Mr Rosa, towering over Garcia on the night of the murder

(Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office)

His attorneys have argued that his rights are being violated at the jail, where he is the youngest of 34 juveniles, sources at the facility told NBC.

Miami-Dade Judge Richard Hersch was expected to rule on Derek housing situation on 7 December, but the hearing has now been postponed to 13 December.

“He’s a middle-schooler. He still plays with Legos. He’s a child,” his defence attorney told the court during a previous hearing, requesting that Derek be moved to a juvenile facility where he can receive counselling.

The pictures were released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office

(Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office)

Prosecutors have argued that Derek should remain in jail as he awaits trial for the “evil” killing, noting that he is being monitored around the clock and does not have contact with other inmates at the jail because his case is considered high profile, according to Inside Edition.

“He is not an adult at all,” a family member of Derek told “He is a child who still plays.”

Derek’s trial is expected to begin in February.

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