Donald Trump: E Jean Carroll to testify today in defamation trial: Live updates

Trump takes win at Iowa caucuses

Donald Trump’s defamation trial resumes in New York on Wednesday, with his accuser E Jean Carroll set to testify.

The case was brought against the Republican presidential candidate by the former Elle magazine columnist after she accused him of sexually assaulting her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s, for which Mr Trump was found liable last year.

He has consistently denied any wrongdoing and claims never to have met Ms Carroll.

The defendant appeared in court on Tuesday to witness jury selection but left at the lunch break before each side delivered their opening statements.

The GOP presidential nominee-presumptive will otherwise be turning his attention towards campaigning in New Hampshire ahead of that state’s all-important primary next week.

He will be hoping to keep up the momentum after storming to victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday night.

Mr Trump notched up more than 51 per cent of the vote in the Midwest while his Republican challengers Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley followed way behind in second and third place with 21 per cent and 19 per cent respectively.

Vivek Ramaswamy scored just 8 per cent and has since suspended his campaign and endorsed the winner.


Capitol Police probing assassination remarks allegedly made by Roger Stone

The conversation was captured in an audio recording, which Mediaite obtained and published last week.

Graig Graziosi has the details:

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 09:00


Trump congratulates DeSantis and Haley for having ‘a good time together’

Donald Trump used his victory speech in Iowa to congratulate his Republican primary opponents for “having a good time together.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley failed to secure even half the number of votes that were case for Mr Trump in Iowa on Monday.

News networks began calling the race for Mr Trump as early as a half-hour after the caucuses began.

Mr Trump, flanked by his sons Don Jr and Eric, gave a victory speech Monday evening.

Graig Graziosi has the story:

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 08:00


Haley claims the US has ‘never been a racist country’

Mike Bedigan has the story:

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 06:00


After unnoticeable Iowa caucus showing, Asa Hutchinson suspends 2024 campaign

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson dropped out of the 2024 presidential race on Tuesday after a whisper of a performance in the Iowa caucuses.

Mr Hutchinson had been one of two prominent Republicans in the race most vocal about their concerns stemming from the candidacy of Donald Trump, who set a record with his own blowout performance in the caucuses, taking 51 per cent of the vote.

In a statement, he acknowledged that his message of opposition against the frontrunner had not gone over well among Republican voters.

John Bowden reports from Des Moines:

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 04:00


He promised to set the world on fire, but Ramaswamy barely made a sound

The entrepreneur has dropped out of the race after racking up less than eight per cent of the Iowa caucus vote. Ahead of the caucuses, the Republican candidate encouraged his followers to “stick it to the media and shock the world.”

His campaign seemingly hinged on providing shock value.

Kelly Rissman has the story:

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 03:00


Analysis: Trump gets ‘best case scenario’ in Iowa

Gustaf Kilander has the details…

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 02:00


Trump re-election ‘won’t be easy’ for Canada, says PM Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has said that if Donald Trump is re-elected as US president, it will not “be easy” for Canada.

The Canadian prime minister remarks on Tuesday echo concerns by the president of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde, who previously warned that the re-election of the former president would be a threat to Europe.

Mike Bedigan17 January 2024 01:30


Voices: DeSantis reaps the rewards of his cowardice: Humiliation

The lopsided landslide blowout that resulted from the year-long primary race between former president Donald Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis unofficially began in November of 2022, when Mr Trump — then planning his next campaign but speaking in support of then-Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz — bestowed a pejorative moniker on the Sunshine State executive.

As he spoke in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Mr Trump referred to Mr DeSantis, who also had not yet announced his candidacy in this year’s presidential contest, as “Ron DeSanctimonious”.

For professional Trump-watchers such as your correspondent, the bestowing of a nickname upon an opponent by the ex-president was, at the time, a sign that Mr Trump considered the Florida governor to be a threat to his hopes of regaining his party’s nomination to take on the man who beat him in the 2020 election, President Joe Biden, in 2024.

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 01:00


Biden warns Americans ‘it’s you and me vs extreme Maga Republicans’

Mr Trump was Monday night’s overwhelming winner, picking up 51 per cent of the vote in the Hawkeye State and bringing him closer to securing the Republican presidential nomination as primary season finally got under way.

Oliver O’Connell17 January 2024 00:00


Earlier: Trump unleashes Truth Social attacks against E Jean Carroll while in court

It’s the second trial stemming from defamation claims brought by Ms Caroll, and a jury already found him civilly responsible for sexually abusing her in the 1990s. He continues to claim that he never met her and has repeatedly mocked and ridiculed Ms Carroll in the wake of that verdict.

Alex Woodward has the story:

Oliver O’Connell16 January 2024 23:30

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