Michelle Troconis trial live: Nanny says Jennifer Dulos suspected husband’s affair years before murder

Michelle Troconis defended by her family at Jennifer Dulos murder conspiracy trial

Jennifer Dulos suspected her husband Fotis Duulos was involved in an extra-marital affair years before he killed her, the slain mother-of-five’s nanny told Michelle Troconis’ trial.

At the time of her disappearance in May 2019, Jennifer – whose remains have never been found – was in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband Fotis Dulos.

Investigators believe Fotis killed her in the garage of her home and that Ms Troconis, Fotis’ then-girlfriend, helped him cover up the murder.

On Tuesday, the Dulos’ nanny Lauren Almeida, told a Stamford, Connecticut jury that Jennifer had first voiced suspicions about her husband’s affair on a trip to Miami in 2017, two years before she vanished.

“At the time I believed Fotis was an honest man, and that he couldn’t have been having an affair with five kids and a wife,” Ms Almeida said. “I told her, ‘I don’t think that’s true.”

Fotis killed himself in 2020 after being charged with murder. He continued to claim his innocence, with his attorney bizarrely claiming Jennifer staged her disappearance in a Gone Girl-style plot.

Ms Troconis is charged with conspiracy to murder, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.


Jennifer Dulos began suspecting about Fotis Dulos’ affair in 2017, nanny tells court

Ms Almeida said that Fotis Dulos was a role model to her, and had pushed her to pursue a career in luxury development.

However, the dynamic between Dulos and Jennifer changed when she found out about his affair in 2017, Ms Almeida told the court.

While on vacation in 2017, Jennifer reportedly told her mother and Ms Almeida that she believed her husband was having an affair.

“At the time I believed Fotis was an honest man, and that he couldn’t have been having an affair with five kids and a wife,” Ms Almeida said. “I told her, ‘I don’t think that’s true.”

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Fotis Dulos was ‘harsh,’ Jennifer Dulos told nanny

Ms Almeida said that she worked at Fotis Dulos’ construction company, but continued to be a nanny for their children.

Ms Almeida said she saw Dulos as a mentor who had given her an opportunity to advance her career.

However, when questioned about how Jennifer Dulos felt about her husband, Ms Almeida said Jennifer had confided her husband had a bad temper.

“He was harsh and she didn’t like conflict,” Ms Almeida testified.

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Jennifer Dulos ‘never raised her voice, never got angry,’ nanny says

Ms Almeida began babysitting for the Dulos in September 2012, when the Dulos’ oldest set of twins were six, the other twins were four and their youngest daughter had just turned one year old.

Ms Almeida took a full-time position as the nanny for the Dulos in 2013 after graduating college.

Ms Almeida told jurors that while the five children always followed their father’s orders, they had a “silly” relationship with their mother. Jennifer always took the children on activities, went water skiing, pumpkin picking and drew with them.

“They always wanted to be next to mommy,” Ms Almeida recounted. “She never raised her voice, never got angry. She was just so nurturing.”

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Jennifer Dulos’ nanny to take the stand

The defence is arguing that Judge Randolph is giving more “leeway” than appropriate to prosecutors who admitted evidence about presumptive blood testing taken from Jennifer Dulos’ home and vehicle.

Lauren Almeida, who worked as a nanny for Jennifer’s five children and first alerted police she was missing, is the next witness expected to take the stand.

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Defence ends cross-examination, state redirects

Mr Schoenhorn asked Det Reilly whether he was sent back to the scene in October 2019, five months after Jennifer went missing, to obtain biological material from the home.

The defence is trying to build the case that some of the evidence found during the October search was ultimately not tested – despite having been collected with that intention.

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Det Reilly under cross examination by defence

We’re back from recess and Det Reilly says that the SUV was processed three times.

Det Reilly is now cross-examination by the defence.

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Court takes recess

Trial will resume after lunch.

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Det Reilly says Luminol reacts to a ‘laundry list’ of substances

Det Reilly tells the jury that Luminol also reacts to bleach and other substances.

The court is shown pictures taken of the SUV’S truck area glowing after being sprayed with Luminol.

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Defence argues against luminol evidence

Det Reilly said he personally used Luminol up to twenty times while processing the SUV’s trunk area.

The retired detective said that the substance is used by investigators to find blood stains that are not visible to the naked eye. Det Reilly added that Luminol identifies the iron in blood.

Mr Schoenhorn objected that Luminol detects iron – not blood.

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Stains under SUV in Jennifer’s garage tested positive for blood, retired Det says

Det Reilly tells the jury that dots on the garage floor are actually vegetative matter.

A presumptive blood test on a large blood stain near a garbage can also came back negative.

However, stains under an SUV parked in the garage did test positive for blood.

The garage door was also dusted for fingerprints, Det Reilly said.

Andrea Blanco16 January 2024 17:23

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