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Donald Trump addresses supporters after landslide Iowa caucus win

Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley has attacked rival Ron DeSantis, saying he is “invisible” in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s all-important primary next Tuesday and is “closer to zero than he is to me” in polling terms.

“It’s Trump we’re going after,” the former UN ambassador said of the man in whose cabinet she once served.

Ms Haley is due to take part in a CNN town hall event on Thursday evening, ahead of what threatens to be a make-or-break contest for her in the Granite State following her disappointing third place showing in Monday’s Iowa caucuses.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who quit the race after Iowa, has also turned his attention to the Florida governor, imploring the embattled Mr DeSantis to drop out now and arguing he would deserve “immense credit” if he did so.

Mr Trump has meanwhile returned to Florida for his mother-in-law’s funeral but will return to New Hampshire for a long weekend of campaigning as he seeks to cement his lead over his two remaining challengers for the GOP nomination.

The front-runner has otherwise being distracted this week by the ongoing E Jean Carroll defamation trial in New York.


Nevada Republicans can’t decide between a primary or a caucus – so they’re doing both

After Donald Trump stormed the Iowa caucuses on Monday night, blowing his nearest challengers for the Republican presidential nomination into a distant second and third, all eyes will be on New Hampshire next Tuesday to see if he can repeat the feat.

The race is now a three-way chase following the exits of Chris Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy and Asa Hutchinson and survivors Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley have it all to do if they are to weaken Mr Trump’s stranglehold over their party with a strong showing in the Granite State.

Assuming they are still considered competitive after that, they will next head to Nevada – and find themselves thrust into one of the most bizarre electoral systems in the 50 states, where two competing nominating contests are being held.

Because why choose between a primary and a caucus when you could just have both and confuse everybody?

Here’s a quick guide for the baffled.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 17:00


Biden’s chief of staff apologises to Asa Hutchinson over cheap campaign jibe

The Democratic National Committee’s joke about the former Arkansas governor suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination earlier this week has not gone down well and President Biden’s chief of staff Jeff Zients has reportedly apologised to the candidate.

Here’s John Bowden on his decision to drop out.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 16:00


DeSantis challenged over banned books, Covid record

Back to the Florida governor, who has been having a tough old time of it on the campaign trail over his record in the Sunshine State.

The pundits on MSNBC have meanwhile been joking darkly that his only real hopes of securing the GOP nomination rest on one of Trump’s criminal cases coming good or his surely-high rate of cholesterol imperilling his health.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 15:00


Trump attending mother-in-law’s funeral before weekend of campaigning in New Hampshire

The Republican front-runner has announced his temporary return to Florida for the funeral today of his mother-in-law, Amalija Knavs, reporting that he will be back on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Friday.

Knavs, 78, passed away from an undisclosed illness on 9 January.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 14:00


Trump claims you need ID to buy bread in rambling New Hampshire rally address

Fresh from his tetchy appearance sitting in on E Jean Carroll’s testimony in New York, Donald Trump was back out on the rally circuit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, last night, drumming up votes ahead of next Tuesday’s Republican primary.

It was the usual rambling mess of pet grievances and wounded victimhood, a few highlights of which follow.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 13:00


En route back to New Hampshire, Trump says he’s the one who should be paid damages

Moments after the conclusion of the second day of a jury trial to determine how much money he owes a woman he defamed for lying about sexually abusing her, Donald Trump claimed that he is the one who suffered damages.

The former president – on trial a second time for defaming E Jean Carroll, who has accused Trump of sexually assaulting her and then lying about never meeting her – briefly spoke at his 40 Wall Street property after jurors in a federal courtroom heard several hours of testimony from the former Elle magazine writer.

Trump, who baselessly casts his growing pile of legal challenges as a Democratic conspiracy to keep him away from the White House, called the trial “rigged” and “election interference” based on a “made-up, fabricated story”.

He has since continued his attack on Truth Social.

Alex Woodward has been following the trial.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 12:00


Haley says DeSantis ‘invisible’ in New Hampshire

Nikki Haley has attacked Republican rival Ron DeSantis in a new interview with Fox News, saying he is “invisible” in New Hampshire and is “closer to zero than he is to me” in polling terms.

“It’s Trump we’re going after,” she insists.

The front-runner’s new cheerleader Vivek Ramaswamy has also turned his attention to the Florida governor, imploring him to drop out and arguing he would deserve “immense credit” if he did so now.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 11:30


What to watch for in New Hampshire’s primary

Republican candidates for president landed in New Hampshire this week after the bitterly cold Iowa caucuses ended in a landslide victory for Donald Trump early on Monday evening.

John Bowden looks at what we should be watching out for in the Granite State.

Joe Sommerlad18 January 2024 11:00


Haley refuses to condemn Trump’s sexual abuse of E Jean Carroll

“You’re the only woman in this race. How do you feel about your party’s front-runner being held liable for sexual abuse?” CNN’s Dana Bash asked Ms Haley.

Read on to see how she responded…

Oliver O’Connell18 January 2024 10:00


Bannon explodes as Speaker Johnson says Biden’s presidency is ‘God’s will’

Mr Bannon has spent the last several years hosting his War Room right-wing podcast, and made clear on a recent episode that he disagreed with Mr Johnson’s take on Mr Biden’s presidency.

Mr Johnson made the comments on Wednesday during a press conference. He was asked if Mr Biden’s presidency was “God’s will.”

Graig Graziosi has the story:

Oliver O’Connell18 January 2024 08:00

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