Russia Ukraine war live: Kyiv to ‘throw Moscow from the skies’ after more drone strikes

Firefighters battle blaze in Ukraine’s Odessa after Russian airstrike on residential building

Ukraine’s priority for 2024 is to “throw Russia from the skies”, Kyiv’s top diplomat has said, after the Kremlin fired nearly two dozen drones and missiles over the border.

“In 2024, of course the priority is to throw Russia from the skies,” Dmytryo Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, told a conference in Davos, Switzerland. “Because the one who controls the skies will define when and how the war will end.”

His comments augur the arrival of the first batch of F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine later this year, which Kyiv has been requesting since the start of the war.

Kyiv views these fighter jets as the key to unlocking air superiority over the Russians, which in turn, they believe, could prove invaluable to their aims to remove Kremlin forces from Ukraine.

It comes as at least 20 civilians have been injured after Russia fired nearly two dozen drones and missiles across Ukraine, according to local officials.

Ukraine’s interior minister Ihor Klymenko reported that it had been “a difficult night for Odessa and Kharkiv”, cities in the south and north east of Ukraine respectively.


American dating coach turned Kremlin propagandist dies in Ukraine

In May 2023, Mr Lira had been charged with spreading Russian propaganda videos that supported Russian acts of aggression against Ukraine. He had been released on house arrest before being imprisoned again in July.

Mr Lira died of pneumonia and his father has blamed the Biden administration and the Ukrainian president for his son’s death.

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New doctrine in Russia ally Belarus for the first time provides for using nuclear weapons

The defense minister of Belarus said Tuesday that the country closely allied with Russia will put forth a new military doctrine that for the first time provides for the use of nuclear weapons.

Russia last year sent tactical nuclear weapons to be stationed in Belarus, although there are no details about how many. Russia has said it will maintain control over those weapons, which are intended for battlefield use and have short ranges and comparatively low yields.

It was not immediately clear how the new doctrine might be applied to the Russian weapons.

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Hundreds clash with police in Russian region after activist jailed in largest demonstration since Ukraine invastion

The unrest – one of the largest reported demonstrations since the war in Ukraine began in 2022 – erupted amid the trial this week of Fail Alsynov in the town of Baymak, in the southern Ural Mountains.

Several thousand people had gathered outside the courthouse to support Mr Alsynov, who was convicted of inciting hatred and sentenced to four years in prison, according to OVD-Info, a Russian rights group that tracks political arrests and offers legal aid.

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In Pictures: Aftermath of Russian bombing in Ukraine

(Future Publishing via Getty Imag)

(Future Publishing via Getty Imag)

(Future Publishing via Getty Imag)

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Ukraine needs money from the US and Europe to keep its economy running. Will the aid come?

Ukraine’s hard-won economic stability is under threat again as the government faces a large budget hole and its two biggest allies and sponsors — the United States and the European Union — have so far failed to decide on extending more aid.

Without pledges of support by the start of February — when EU leaders meet to decide on aid — and if no money arrives by March, that could risk the progress Ukraine has made against inflation. It has helped ordinary people keep paying rent, put food on the table and resist Russia‘s efforts to break their society’s spirit.

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Top Nato military officer says the war in Ukraine could ‘determine the fate of the world’

Ukraine is locked in an existential battle for its survival almost two years into its war with Russia and Western armies and political leaders must drastically change the way they help it fend off invading forces, a top Nato military officer said on Wednesday.

At a meeting of the 31-nation alliance’s top brass, the chair of the Nato Military Committee, Admiral Bob Bauer, also said that behind President Vladimir Putin’s rationale for the war is a fear of democracy, in a year marked by elections around the world.

Over two days of talks in Brussels, Nato’s top officers are expected to detail plans for what are set to be the biggest military exercises in Europe since the Cold War later this year. The wargames are meant as a fresh show of strength from Nato and its commitment to defend all allied nations from attack.

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Russian attack outside Ukraine’s Kharkiv kills one, regional governor says

Governor Oleh Synehubov, writing on the Telegram messaging app, said there were two strikes on the town of Chuhuyev, southeast of Kharkiv.

A military source, also reporting on Telegram, said the attack involved S-300 missiles

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Biden brings congressional leaders to White House at pivotal time for Ukraine and US border deal

The sit down with Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate leaders, including the chairmen of influential national security committees, could make or break the political trade-off that has been simmering for weeks as lawmakers have failed, so far, to reach a compromise over Biden’s broader aid package.

Ahead of the meeting, Johnson, in a first big test of his new speakership, said he needs to see “transformative” changes to restrict the record number of migrants at the US-Mexico border as part of any deal for the overseas wars.

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Russian missiles hit Ukrainian apartment buildings in latest deadly strikes on civilian areas

Russia fired two missiles at Kharkiv during the night, hitting apartment buildings and a medical center and injuring 17 people in the city in northeastern Ukraine, officials said Wednesday, in Moscow’s latest strikes on civilian areas in the almost two-year war.

The S-300 missiles landed after dark Tuesday, Kharkiv regional Gov. Oleh Syniehubov said on Telegram.

Normally surface-to-air missiles, the S-300s have been adapted by Russia to hit targets on the ground and are cheaper to make than ballistic or cruise missiles. However, they are inaccurate and have a shorter range, analysts say.

Both sides are looking to replenish their weapons stockpiles as fighting along the 1,500-kilometer (930-mile) front line is largely bogged down during winter and the war’s focus turns to long-range missile, drone and artillery strikes.

Russia’s recently intensified aerial attacks sharply increased civilian casualties in December, with more than 100 Ukrainians killed and nearly 500 injured, according to the United Nations.

(Global Images Ukraine via Getty)

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Russia’s intense attacks on Ukraine has sharply increased civilian casualties in December, UN says

Russia’s intense missile and drone attacks across Ukraine in recent weeks sharply increased civilian casualties in December with over 100 killed and nearly 500 injured, the United Nations said in a new report Tuesday.

The United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said there was a 26.5% increase in civilian casualties last month – from 468 in November to 592 in December. With some reports still pending verification, it said, the increase was likely higher.

Danielle Bell who heads the U.N.’s monitoring mission. said: “Civilian casualties had been steadily decreasing in 2023 but the wave of attacks i n late December and early January violently interrupted that trend.”

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