Election 2024: Latest updates ahead of New Hampshire primary

Trump congratulates DeSantis and Haley for having ‘good time together’ after Iowa caucus

Donald Trump told state attorneys during a deposition that he prevented a “nuclear holocaust” during his presidency and that the US “might have a nuclear war now” without him in the White House.

The former president’s testimony from April echoes many of the comments he delivered from the witness stand when he testified during the trial in lower Manhattan several months later.

Meanwhile, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination launched a fresh broadside against rival Nikki Haley ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Referring to her as “Nimbra”, an apparently deliberate misspelling of her given name “Nimarata” to draw attention to her Indian heritage, Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social that she “doesn’t have what it takes”.

“She’s weak on China, Russia, Borders, and Crime, but never saw a war she didn’t like,” he added.

The attack came after Ms Haley said in a CNN town hall on Thursday about the prospect of Mr Trump once more squaring up to Joe Biden in November: “Do we really want to have two 80-year-olds running for president when we have a country in disarray and a world on fire? They are so distracted by their own investigations and their own grievances.”


New Hampshire residents want better answers from the candidates on the opioid crisis

A small state with an outsized role in presidential politics, New Hampshire has heard from candidates promising action on the opioid crisis for several presidential elections now.

And some of those closest to the problem here say they’re dissatisfied with how the Republicans competing in Tuesday’s primary have focused on the border and law enforcement instead of treatment and recovery.

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 14:40


Why do presidents need total immunity?

Donald Trump has his reasons, as Julia Reinstein explains:

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 13:40


Sanders, Gabbard and Carlson pitched as possible Trump running mates

Conservative media appears to have decided post-Iowa that Trump already has the Republican nomination sown up and is already turning its attention towards the identity of his possible running mate.

On Fox, Laura Ingraham reviewed the candidates and pitched Arkanasas governor and former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and ex-Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, among others.

But the president’s son, Don Jr, has suggested that ex-Fox anchor Tucker Carlson is “certainly a contender”.

Gustaf Kilander has more on that odious prospect.

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 11:40


Tim Scott endorses Trump

Senator Tim Scott, a one-time 2024 GOP presidential rival of Donald Trump’s, will endorse the former president’s bid to return to the White House at a rally in New Hampshire on Friday evening.

The New York Times reports that the senator from South Carolina is travelling to Florida today to fly up to the Granite State with Mr Trump for a weekend of campaigning ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Senator Scott is the highest-ranking elected Black Republican and his endorsement of the former president will reignite speculation that he could be a contender to be Mr Trump’s running mate, should he win the party’s nomination.

Mr Scott ended his own campaign on 12 November and has since come to the conclusion that the former president is the best candidate to beat President Joe Biden in November, the Times reports citing a “person familiar with his thinking”.

Mr Trump appeared to avoid criticising the senator when they were in competition for the party’s nomination.

The decision of the senator from South Carolina is potentially a setback for Nikki Haley — as governor of South Carolina, she appointed Mr Scott to the Senate in 2012.

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 09:40


Report: Trump ‘planning on testifying’ at E Jean Carroll defamation trial on Monday

NBC News reports that Donald Trump is “planning on testifying” at his second trial for defaming E Jean Carroll, which resumes on Monday in New York.

If he is attending court on Monday he will be heading straight for the airport afterwards as he is scheduled to deliver remarks in Laconia, New Hampshire at 9pm.

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 07:40


Haley pitches herself as broadening appeal of GOP

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 05:40


Trump claims he prevented ‘nuclear holocaust’ in fraud trial deposition

In pre-trial testimony, the former president claims ‘you might have a nuclear war now’ without him in office.

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 03:40


Trump presidency could be ‘big win for the world’ says ex-PM

Here’s our reporting on what the former UK prime minister wrote in The Daily Mail

Michelle Del Rey21 January 2024 01:40


When will we know the results of the New Hampshire primary?

Michelle Del Rey20 January 2024 23:40


Mr Trump appeared to confuse Ms Haley with Nancy Pelosi at a campaign event on Friday

Mr Trump told attendees at his New Hampshire campaign event that Ms Haley was responsible for security during the January 6 US Capitol riot. The former president appeared to be confusing the former ambassador to the UN with the former speaker of the house.

Ms Haley has never served as a member of US Congress. Additionally, Ms Pelosi was not responsible for the security response to the incident. That duty lies with the Capitol Police Board.

Michelle Del Rey20 January 2024 17:20

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