Live updates and results: New Hampshire primary election 2024

Everything Trump has said has been a lie, Nikki Haley claims

Voting is underway in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary as the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination Donald Trump seeks to cement his dominant lead over rival Nikki Haley, the contest now a two-horse race after Florida governor Ron DeSantis dropped out.

Ms Haley, the former South Carolina governor and Mr Trump’s own ambassador to the United Nations, is in need of a big performance in the Granite State if she is to mount a serious challenge to the ex-president’s canter to the nomination.

While the difference between them is expected to be much narrower than it was in last week’s Iowa Caucuses, Mr Trump has a commanding polling lead going into the primary, with a CNN poll over the weekend giving him an 11-point lead and a Washington Post survey putting it at closer to 18.

However, Ms Haley remains defiant and began primary day by picking up all six votes in the small town of Dixville Notch, the first to cast its votes.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden will not appear on Democratic ballot papers following a feud with organisers, but a write-in campaign is expected to ensure that his presence is felt.


Garbled ‘death penalty’ remark fuels cognitive concerns about Trump

One clip started mid-sentence, showing Mr Trump speaking in New Hampshire: “Which is incapable of solvin’ even the sollest… smallest problem. The simplest of problems we can no longer solve.”

“We are an institute in a powerful death penalty. We will put this on,” the 77-year-old Mr Trump blundered.

Kelly Rissman has the story:

Oliver O’Connell24 January 2024 00:00


Most New Hampshire GOP voters satisfied with either Trump or Haley as the nominee

More than half of New Hampshire primary GOP voters say that they would be satisfied with either Donald Trump or Nikki Haley as their nominee, an early exit poll by NBC News shows.

Fifty-six per cent said that would satisfied with Mr Trump as the nominee and 43 per cent said they would be dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, 55 per cent said they would satisfied with Ms Haley as the nominee – 43 per cent said they would be dissatisfied.

Gustaf Kilander23 January 2024 23:50


Nearly half of New Hampshire voters think Biden didn’t legitimately win in 2020

Gustaf Kilander23 January 2024 23:40


Former Trump voter switches to Haley to avoid ‘dictatorship’

A former Donald Trump voter said she voted for Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, 23 January as she doesn’t want her grandchildren to grow up in a “dictatorship.” The resident said she picked the former UN ambassador because that meant she was voting against the former president. “I am 74 years old, I lived in a constitutional democracy all my life. I want to remain that way, I want my grandchildren to grow up in one, not a dictatorship,” the voter told CNN, before adding that she regretted voting for Mr Trump in 2016 “almost immediately.”

Oliver O’Connell23 January 2024 23:30


New Hampshire electorate more moderate than Iowa’s

Gustaf Kilander23 January 2024 23:20


New Hampshire voters list immigration and economy as top issues

New Hampshire voters listed immigration and the economy as their top issues, a CNN exit poll showed on Tuesday night.

Fewer voters pointed to issues such as abortion and foreign policy, even as President Joe Biden campaigned on his support for reproductive rights in Virginia.

About seven in ten said they think the economy is poor and half responded that they would like most undocumented immigrants deported.

Unlike in Iowa, a majority of voters in New Hampshire said they wouldn’t back a federal abortion ban.

Around four in 10 said they would like to see the US take a less active role in foreign affairs, and three in 10 said they want the US to take a more active role.

Gustaf Kilander23 January 2024 23:10


Democrats frame 2024 against ‘extremist’ GOP plans to ban abortion nationwide

Another January 22 has come and gone without Americans’ constitutional right to abortion care affirmed by the US Supreme Court.

President Joe Biden’s administration intends to frame the fight for abortion rights in unflinching terms as he campaigns for his re-election. Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking to supporters in the battleground state of Wisconsin on Monday, made it clear who was responsible: Donald Trump.

Oliver O’Connell23 January 2024 23:00


Initial exit polls show majority non-GOP electorate

Gustaf Kilander23 January 2024 22:56


Haley snaps back at Fox News hosts suggesting she should drop out of race

During her appearance on Fox and Friends, the hosts asked Ms Haley about the New Hampshire primary, and asked if she would continue her campaign if she lost to Mr Trump again.

Graig Graziosi reports on what she said in reply:

Oliver O’Connell23 January 2024 22:30


ICYMI: Haley sweeps to victory… with six votes from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

Four voters were registered Republicans and two were registered independents, the outlet wrote.

Oliver O’Connell23 January 2024 22:00

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