Woman nicknames son ‘McFlurry’ after giving birth in McDonald’s parking lot

A Wisconsin woman made an unexpected stop outside a McDonald’s when she realised she was about to give birth to her baby boy, then aptly nicknamed him “McFlurry.”

Analysia Beck, a mother from Muskego, started going into labour late at night before waking up her husband, Daniel Beck, when she started to feel more pain, reported Fox News Digital.

While she was en route to the hospital, she suddenly realised that her baby was coming a lot sooner than anticipated.

“I was like, ‘No, like, it’s happening right now. We need to pull over’,” Ms Beck told Fox News Digital.

The couple said they pulled into the closest location, which happened to be a McDonald’s parking lot.

Ms Beck’s mother, who was following them, also pulled up to the fast-food chain.

“We were just driving past, and it was the best place to pull over,” Ms Beck said toTMJ4, with her husband adding, “I think it was just muscle memory from going there too much.”

The expecting mother got out of her SUV and climbed into the trunk, Fox News Digital reported, with her husband there comforting her.

The peculiarity of the situation was not lost on Ms Beck. “Halfway through, I was just lying in our trunk, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. This is happening at McDonald’s… I can’t believe it’,” she said.

Her baby was around two weeks early and was already crowning before the first responders arrived at the scene.

“As soon as I knew the paramedics were there, I pushed… [and] within minutes, they pretty much ran in and caught the baby,” she said.

The baby was taken into an ambulance because paramedics wanted to check the health of the newborn that just arrived in the parking lot.

Her baby was born at 4.12am on 12 January as a snowstorm hit the city of Muskego.

The baby, nicknamed “McFlurry”, is the couple’s third child, according to TMJ4.

“His name is Micah Daniel, so that could be shortened to Mickey D’s,” Ms Beck said. “We’ve kind of been calling him ‘McFlurry’ because I think he earned that name.”

While the situation was not as ideal as it would have been with hospital comforts, and the harsh weather was only making things more intense, the couple are grateful for their new addition.

“It was chaotic and terrifying, but it ended up beautiful, and we have a perfect little boy,” Ms Beck said.

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