Justin Mohn: What we know about man accused of decapitating father before horror YouTube video

An online extremist stunned the nation with an unimaginably disturbing YouTube video in which he called to overthrow the federal government – and held up the decapitated head of his father, according to Pennsylvania police.

Justin Mohn, 32, was taken into custody on 30 January after allegedly beheading his 68-year-old father Michael Mohn at their home in Middletown Township.

He is facing charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and possessing an instrument of crime with intent, according to a court filing.

Soon after his arrest, Mr Mohn was linked to a YouTube video in which he was allegedly seen railing against the federal government and calling for “violence” to combat its “treason”. In the bone-chilling footage, he reportedly held up his father’s head in a plastic bag as he condemned his “20 years” working as a federal official.

Here’s what we know so far about the heinous case:

A disturbing discovery

Police said they responded to the scene after receiving a “call of a deceased male”. Denice Mohn reportedly called 911 after finding her husband decapitated in their home. She said that she was last in the house at 2pm and when she returned, she noticed her son and her husband’s 2009 Toyota Corolla was nowhere to be found.

Authorities said that when they were at the home at 7pm, Justin Mohn had already left, driving off in his dad’s car. They found Michael Mohn in the first-floor bathroom, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office wrote. He was found with a “large amount of blood around him”, the DA’s office said. Authorities also discovered a machete and a kitchen knife in the bathtub.

“Officers also located the deceased male’s head inside of a plastic bag, which was inside of a cooking pot in a first-floor bedroom next to the bathroom,” police told the outlet. Police also found “bloody rubber gloves” in both a separate first-floor bedroom and in a trashcan beside a desk.

Mr Mohn was found “hours later” in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania – more than 100 miles from his home – and taken into custody, the DA’s office said.

“There is no longer any threat to the community,” police wrote on 31 January. The investigation is still ongoing.

Mr Mohn was arraigned at 4am on Wednesday and denied bail. His preliminary hearing is slated for 8 February at 9am.

The Independent has reached out to Middletown Township Police Department for more information.

The YouTube video

According to local outlets including, Mr Mohn had displayed his father’s head in a YouTube video where he aired a 14-minute politically-charged rant.

The video remained live on YouTube for six hours, according to reports. The Independent has not been able to verify its authenticity directly.

But local outlets reported that in the video he bashed President Joe Biden, the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ+ community, and referred to his father as a traitor – as he worked for the federal government for over 20 years, he allegedly claimed.

The Independent has not found any record of Michael Mohn having worked in the federal government.

Mr Mohn urged Americans to attack federal workers, journalists and federal law enforcement, said.

“The federal government of America has declared war on America’s citizens and the American states. America is rotting from the inside out as far-left woke mobs rampage our once prosperous cities turning them into lawless zones,” he was quoted as saying.

“Taxpayer dollars are printed and used for anything but the taxpayers with little to no accountability, which has inflated the economy to near destruction and has made it so most Americans can no longer afford the American Dream. Meanwhile, a fifth column army of illegal immigrants infiltrates our border.”

“Violence is the only solution to the federal government’s treason.”

In the video, Mohn was captured wearing gloves while holding his father’s head in a plastic bag. Later in the footage, the head was in a cooking pot, reports said.

The YouTube video has since been taken down – although it was viewed more than 5,000 times before it was removed, according to 6ABC.

A YouTube spokesperson told NBCNews that Mohn’s video was removed because it violated “our graphic violence policy and Justin Mohn’s channel was terminated in line with our violent extremism policies. Our teams are closely tracking to remove any re-uploads of the video”.

Who is Justin Mohn?

Mr Mohn appeared to live with his parents, Michael and 63-year-old Denice, in Middletown Township’s Levittown area. Public records show he has two siblings.

He graduated in 2014 from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management, one court filing states. After graduating, he moved to Colorado in 2015 to work at a credit union. The following year, he began working at Progressive Insurance.

Mr Mohn has proved to be quite litigious in the past, records show.

In 2019, he sued the insurance company, claiming that he was wrongfully terminated in 2017 due to “sex discrimination”. The court denied his claims.

Mohn has filed numerous lawsuits against the US government since 2022.

He sued the Department of Education and education secretary Miguel Cardona in March 2022 over student loan payments. The complaint says he took college courses in 2010 at Penn State University.

That case was dismissed but he sued the two defendants again in August of that year, alleging they had “ample knowledge and data” that he would “be unable to pay” back the federal student loan, yet gave him the loan anyway and therefore they acted in “acted in bad faith and or dishonesty”. He described himself in the suit as an “overeducated white male” who may have suffered from “affirmative action against him”.

Mohn even referred to his Progressive case in this lawsuit, writing, “The outcome of Mohn v Progressive Insurance can only be interpreted that the federal courts… believe that women and minorities cannot compete with overeducated, outperforming white men in the workplace, and so affirmative action must be applied to white men.”

Mohn also sued Attorney General Merrick Garland and his office in July 2023 regarding the student loan payments, requesting the defendant pay him $10m in damages.

He appeared to have an affinity for music. Mohn’s Spotify page features songs he has made, including “Cold War Waste Town”, “Judge Kathy Toilet” and “They Came for Justin Mohn”. His Spotify profile says he boasts four albums and wrote six books. The platform says he has five monthly listeners.

Justin Mohn’s Spotify page features songs he has made, including ‘Judge Kathy Toilet’


“His life story is unbelievable and there may not be enough words to describe him, but one may begin to understand his complexity and experiences through his art,” his Spotify bio states. “He only wishes to bring positive change to the world.”

Who was Michael Mohn?

The 68-year-old man owned a house with his wife in Levittown. He was a registered Democrat, records show.

Despite his son’s claims in the YouTube video, The Independent was unable to find any records indicating that he was a federal government employee.

Records show he owned two businesses. One such business, Power Writers, was incorporated in 2000 and another, M & D Cleaning, was incorporated in 1986.

Michael Mohn’s mother and Justin Mohn’s grandmother, Gertrude Keyes, was a secretary in the US War Department during the Second World War, according to an obituary for her husband, Stanley Mohn.

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