Nevada primary live election updates and results

Donald Trump beats Nikki Haley in New Hampshire

Republican presidential rivals Nikki Haley and Donald Trump are turning their attention to the western state of Nevada this week, which is holding a state-run primary on Tuesday followed by a GOP-organised caucus on Thursday.

The candidates will not be pitted against each other this time, however, with Ms Haley appearing in the former and competing against three lesser-known contenders and Mr Trump in the latter contest and running against Texas pastor Ryan Binkey.

The state’s 26 delegates will only be available in the caucus but Ms Haley may be able to pick up some much-needed momentum for her campaign ahead of this month’s crucial showdown in South Carolina if she can make a strong showing.

On Saturday, President Joe Biden unsurprisingly won the first Democratic primary of this election year, also in South Carolina, taking a majority of the votes and delegates as he easily beat Minnesota representative Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson.

The incumbent’s rivals have received minimal media attention and appear not to stand any realistic chance of upsetting Mr Biden’s bid for a second term in the White House but continue to run in the interest of offering voters an alternative.


Nevada primary polls now closing

Polls are now closing across Nevada as the deadline to vote of 7pm is reached.

Recap: A state-run presidential primary is being held on Tuesday, which will not impact the state’s delegate allocation to the Republican National Convention.

Those delegates will be awarded based on the results of the party-run caucuses held on Thursday, during which Donald Trump is the only major candidate on the ballot.

As such, the former president faces no serious opposition to take the twenty-six Nevada delegates that are at stake in the caucuses.

His only significant remaining Nikki Haley is the only major candidate on Tuesday’s primary ballot.

Mike Bedigan7 February 2024 03:08


Nevada primary faces initial low voter turnout

The day of the Nevada primary started with lower-than-expected voter turnout.

The Associated Press reported, per officials, that in the first two hours after polls opened, just 183 people had voted in person in Washoe County, the state’s second-largest county by population.

In Clark County, home to Las Vegas and Nevada’s most-populated county, 2,298 people voted in person during the same two-hour period. Nevada voters also have the option to vote by mail or before election day.

Mike Bedigan7 February 2024 02:44


Polling in GOP Nevada primary to close shortly

Polls in Nevada for Tuesday’s Republican primary are set to close shortly, at 7pm PT. On Thursday the GOP is also organising a caucus.

However, the two remaining significant candidates – Nikki Haley and Donald Trump – will not be pitted against each other this time.

Ms Haley appearing will appear on Tuesday’s ballot competing against three lesser-known contenders and Mr Trump will appear in the latter contest and running against Texas pastor Ryan Binkey.

The Independent’s John Bowden explains why the outcome of the GOP contests in Nevada may not even matter:

Mike Bedigan7 February 2024 02:36


Christie warns second Trump term will be a ‘vendetta presidency’

Gustaf Kilander has the story:

Oliver O’Connell6 February 2024 23:45


Haley signals to Trump that she’s in it for the long haul

At least, that’s the message her campaign is trying to get across this week as February begins and the battle for her home state of South Carolina ramps up.

Still trailing Donald Trump by a hefty margin in all national polling and most surveys of upcoming primary states, the former governor and UN ambassador is battling a perception that was born months before Iowa and New Hampshire voted: the idea that the race is over.

That idea became reality for many Republicans, particularly in Washington, after Mr Trump’s twin victories in the first two states of 2024. But Ms Haley is holding on like a barnacle, clinging to an 11-point margin of defeat in New Hampshire and her belief that she can close that gap even further in a state where she was governor for eight years.

Oliver O’Connell6 February 2024 23:00


Biden supporting super PAC to spend $40m attacking Trump over legal crises

The Unite the Country super PAC is reportedly set to spend a huge chunk of change amplifying Donald Trump’s many, many legal problems to make the case for a second Joe Biden term.

NBC reports that the group believes that while Trump has, so far, managed to turn adversity to his advantage and spin his four criminal indictments and 91 felony charges into a grand conspiracy narrative with which to whip up conservative support (and fundraising), his success rate could soon taper off once the general election contest cranks into gear in earnest.

Steve Schale, the group’s director, says more moderate Republicans could begin to become wary of Trump’s legal travails, particularly if they result in criminal convictions or even jail time, and could be persuaded to turn blue for Biden.

“We feel like this section of the electorate is critical, if not the critical, swing vote,” Schale says.

“We plan on leaning in early and often on this.”

Joe Sommerlad6 February 2024 22:15


Biden says he has to ‘hold my Irish temper’ when talking about Trump

President Joe Biden told a group of donors to his re-election bid on Sunday that the mere thought of his predecessor’s callous attitude towards the nation’s military veterans and honoured war dead forces him to expend extra energy to keep his anger in check.

Andrew Feinberg has more.

Joe Sommerlad6 February 2024 21:15


Christie warns a Trump second term will be a ‘vendetta presidency’

Speaking with ABC News in his first interview since dropping out of the Republican race about a month ago, the former New Jersey governor said a second Trump administration would amount to a “vendetta presidency” and have a massive personnel problem.

Gustaf Kilander has more.

Joe Sommerlad6 February 2024 20:15


Biden confuses Macron with dead French president Mitterrand in campaign speech

President Joe Biden appeared to confuse French president Emmanuel Macron with Francois Mitterrand, the former leader of France who died in 1996, during a campaign speech on Sunday.

The mix-up occurred during a campaign event in Las Vegas, where Biden told an anecdote about a meeting with G7 leaders back in June 2021.

Martha McHardy is here to clear up the confusion.

Joe Sommerlad6 February 2024 19:15


Trump does not have immunity from election conspiracy charges, appeals court rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that Donald Trump does not have “immunity” from prosecution for crimes committed while he was in office, landing another major blow to his efforts to evade criminal charges for his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

His attorneys are expected to swiftly appeal to the full bench of appeals court judges, or up to the US Supreme Court, teeing up another major constitutional test involving Trump’s campaign at the nation’s highest court.

“For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant,” judges with the US District Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, wrote on Tuesday.

“But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as president no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

Joe Sommerlad6 February 2024 18:15

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