Tracking the 2024 Republican delegates

With the Iowa caucus kicking off the 2024 Republican presidential primary season, candidates are campaigning in the hope of picking up as many delegates as possible to secure the Republican National Committee (RNC) nomination.

Delegates are individuals who represent the majority of voters in their state or district. They can be party leaders, activists, volunteers, legislators or other people who approve of the party’s platform.

Each state is given a specific number of Republican or Democratic delegates. This year, Republicans have allocated 2,429 delegates. A candidate needs approximately 1,215 to secure a nomination.

How delegates are given to each candidate depends on the state. Some states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, award delegates proportionally to the amount of support they get. Other states, like Nevada, have a winner-take-all method in which the candidate with the most votes gets all the delegates.

Former president Donald Trump is currently the Republican frontrunner with the most amount of delegates so far. Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley is in second place.

Our map will be updated as the results of primaries or caucuses come in. You can scroll over the states in red to see how delegates have been allocated to each candidate so far.

The next Republican caucus will take place in Nevada followed by South Carolina.

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