Trump 2024 ballot case faces uncertainty after Supreme Court oral arguments: Latest updates

Supreme Court Justice Kagan questions Colorado ruling to disqualify Trump

The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Thursday morning as it considers whether Donald Trump should be allowed to remain on 2024 ballot papers.

Colorado and Maine have moved to have Mr Trump removed citing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which argues that anyone found to have “engaged in insurrection” after swearing a loyalty oath should not be allowed to return to public office.

The highest court in the land, which has a conservative majority, will now rule if that applies to Mr Trump concerning the Capitol riot of 6 January 2021, when his supporters stormed Congress in an attempt to stop the formal certification of the 2020 election results, erroneously believing the vote had been “rigged” in Joe Biden’s favour, as the then-president claimed.

The justices appeared highly sceptical of the arguments put forward by Colorado.

Also on Thursday, Mr Trump is expected to win the Nevada Republican caucus, a formality in which principal rival Nikki Haley will not take part, which will hand him a further 26 delegates as he attempts to sew up his party’s nomination to challenge Mr Biden again in November.


Giuliani claims Donald Trump’s campaign owes him $2m

“I wouldn’t be bankrupt, up until that,” he told the court.

But Mr Giuliani has declined to hold the former president accountable for what he says are unpaid legal fees.

Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 08:45


Montana man is found guilty for role in Capitol riot

A Montana appliance store owner and supporter of former President Donald Trump was convicted Wednesday for his role in the January 6, 2021, breach of the US Capitol that interrupted certifying the 2020 Electoral College vote.

The US Attorney’s Office in Montana announced the verdict.

Henry Phillip Muntzer of Dillon was arrested based on social media posts and videos taken inside the Capitol, according to court records.

Muntzer, 55, was found guilty of obstructing an official proceeding and civil disorder, both felonies, following a bench trial before US District Court Judge Jia M. Cobb. Muntzer was also found guilty of four misdemeanour charges. Sentencing is set for June 20.


Rove blasts ‘lunacy’ of ‘conspiratorial right’ claiming Michelle Obama will replace Biden

Mr Rove, former deputy chief of staff to George W Bush, was being interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business when the host brought up the idea of the former first lady replacing the incumbent president on the ticket ahead of November’s election.

Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 04:45


Analysis: How Trump soured on Ronna McDaniel after seven years of unyielding loyalty

After she met Mr Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, Mr Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform that Ms McDaniel was “now Head of the RNC, and I’ll be making a decision the day after the South Carolina Primary as to my recommendations for RNC Growth”.

Ms McDaniel has reportedly been thinking about resigning before the end of her term for quite a while.

Gustaf Kilander9 February 2024 03:45


In other (non-Biden) classified documents news…

Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 02:45


Takeaways from the Biden classified docs report

A report on the investigation launched by the Justice Department into Joe Biden’s unauthorised retention of classified materials was made public on Thursday and was as troubling for the president and his public image as it was vindicating for those who argued he had committed no crimes.

The report was authored by Robert Hur, a former US attorney appointed by Donald Trump and later elevated to the rank of special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland. Delivered to Congress this week after many months of investigation and preparation, it recommended no criminal charges for the incumbent president, even were he not protected by immunity from prosecution due to his stature.

It did, however, contain much that will concern many Americans and was overall far from complimentary of the incumbent president. The investigators painted a picture of a senile president with severe memory issues whose innocence was less clear than his supporters would hope while not necessarily coming across to a potential jury as malicious or criminal.

Let’s take a look at the key points from Mr Hur’s report:

John Bowden9 February 2024 02:15


Special counsel says Biden is ‘elderly man with poor memory’ and can’t recall when his son died

In his report, released on Thursday, Mr Hur declined to prosecute Mr Biden for his mishandling of classified documents – saying that the president would likely present himself to a jury as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.

Ariana Baio reports on what the special counsel had to say:

Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 01:45


Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 01:15


Recap: Supreme Court appears set to strike down Colorado ruling to kick Trump off 2024 ballot

A historic two-hour hearing at the nation’s highest court on Thursday heard oral arguments in a case that could determine whether the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for president can remain on ballots in primary elections.

Alex Woodward has been closely following the case:

Oliver O’Connell9 February 2024 00:45


Who is the conservative lawyer arguing for Trump at Supreme Court?

Mr Mitchell, 47, is a law professor, legal theorist and the former solicitor general of Texas known for finding loopholes to aggressively litigate in favour of his clients – often with conservative agendas.

Ariana Baio9 February 2024 00:15

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