NYC snow: One dead and thousands of flights delayed after worst snow storms in two years

New York City officials brace for looming winter storm

A massive winter storm was sweeping the US northeast on Tuesday leaving more than 40 million people under weather warnings.

Schools were shut across states and non-essential government employees were told to stay home. People were asked to stay off the roads where possible because of treacherous conditions that were forecast to continue into the evening commute.

Tuesday’s snowstorm was the first major event of its kind in New York City since February 2022, the National Weather Service reported. Some 3.2 inches of snow fell on Central Park, the most in two years, but less than the six inches or more than was earlier expected.

Traffic backed up across the city throughout the day, and the subway system and other train networks reported delays.

More than 1,400 flights were delayed in the US with New York’s La Guardia and JFK, Newark in New Jersey, and Boston Logan the worst affected.


In pictures: A wintry New York after heavy snowfall

New York City has been hit by a powerful winter storm that will continue to move north on Tuesday.

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Watch: Thundersnow in Nashville

The rare phenomenon of “thundersnow” – when thunderstorms and snowfall happen at the same time – was witnessed in Nashville on Monday night.

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Wind and coastal warnings accompany the snow

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for the New York area until 6pm eastern time on Tuesday.

Coastal flood warnings and advisories were in place for the entire coastline due to high tides.

A gale warning was also in effect for the ocean waters today, according to the NWS.

Coastal flood warning and advisory in the New York area on Tuesday

(Coastal flood warning and advisory in the New York area on Tuesday)

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New Yorkers warned to be on alert as temperatures plunge

City officials were issuing warnings for New Yorkers as sub-zero conditions set in.

Temperatures were expected to fall below freezing on Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service, meaning that melting snow and standing water on roads and sidewalks may become icy into Wednesday.

“As snow melts from sidewalks, trees and buildings, it could potentially re-freeze,” the city’s emergency management service said.

“Please exercise caution on sidewalks, outdoor stairs and escalators, unenclosed subways and train stations, and while biking or driving on roads, especially at night.”

People walk through the blowing snow in Brooklyn as a large winter storm makes its way across the area on February 13, 2024

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Watch: How the snowstorm developed across New York

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More wintry conditions forecast across the US later this week

From tomorrow into Thursday, a weak storm system will cross the central Plains, Midwest, and Great Lakes region, according to the National Weather Service, producing a few inches of snow.

However, temperatures for large areas of the Midwest will continue to be above normal, with temperatures somewhat below normal for the Northeast.

There will be the beginning of a surge of Arctic air from Canada by late Wednesday and Thursday into the northern High Plains, and this will set the stage for even colder temperatures arriving by the latter part of the week.

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Timelapse footage from satellites captures nor’easter shifting across US

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Winter storm warnings lifted for most of New York

Earlier on Tuesday the National Weather Service (NWS) in New York lifted the Winter Storm Warning for Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, saying it was likely that warnings for Brooklyn and Queens would also soon be lifted.

During the day New York City remained under a Travel Advisory as temperatures dropped and snow melted, leading to possibility of icy roads

The NWS said crews would continue to plow snow overnight to mitigate snow-fall effects and advised people to continue to avoid unnecessary travel.

The forcaster added it was also monitoring reports of downed trees and urged caution to residents for branches and trees weakend by the snow storm.

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Power goes out

More than 140,000 people were without power in Pennsylvania during the heavy winter storm on Tuesday.

More than 12,000 had also lost power in New Jersey, and nearly 5,000 in New York.

Further south, 11,600 people in North Carolina had outages, according to utility tracker,

Power outages during Tuesday’s severe winter storm


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