Uber, Lyft strikes – live: Thousands of drivers walk out on Valentine’s Day

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Drivers working for Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash are planning to strike on Valentines Day to fight for better working conditions.

The coalition of drivers said they will refuse to provide rides to and from airports in at least 10 US cities between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday.

The strikes are taking place in Austin, Chicago, Hartford, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, and Tampa.

“While Silicon Valley and Wall Street take an ever-increasing cut of driver earnings, they’re raising rates on passengers, and expecting consumers and workers alike to accept their increasing corporate greed,” Justice for App Workers, a group organising the protest, wrote in a news release.

Uber seemed to hand waive away the workers’ concerns, saying that strikes “have rarely had any impact on trips, prices, or driver availability,” USA Today reports. Lyft appeared responsive to some of the drivers’ concerns, announcing last week that its drivers would make a guaranteed 70 per cent or more of rider fares after external fees each week.


Uber, Lyft drivers plan strike

Thousands of U.S. ride-hailing workers plan to park their cars and picket at major U.S. airports Wednesday in what organizers say is their largest strike yet in a drive for better pay and benefits.

Uber and Lyft drivers plan daylong strikes in Chicago; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Miami; Orlando and Tampa, Florida; Hartford, Connecticut; Newark, New Jersey; Austin, Texas; and Providence, Rhode Island. Drivers also plan to hold midday demonstrations at airports in those cities, according to Justice for App Workers, the group organizing the effort.

Rachel Gumpert, a spokesperson for Justice for App Workers, said ride-hailing drivers in other cities may also demonstrate or strike for at least part of the day.

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