Jimmy Kimmel has hilarious Olive Garden-themed take on Trump’s cries for presidential immunity

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Donald Trump for trying to keep his “‘I have immunity to do whatever I want’” defence by going to the US Supreme Court after the DC Court of Appeals shot it down.

“What Trump is asking for is basically the crime version of the ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ at Olive Garden,” the late-night show host joked.

Last week, the appeals court ruled that Mr Trump does not have “immunity” from prosecution of crimes committed while in office, leading the former president’s attorneys to request the Supreme Court to block this ruling.

“This threat will hang like a millstone around every future president’s neck, distorting presidential decision-making, undermining the president’s independence, and clouding the president’s ability ‘to deal fearlessly and impartially with’ the duties of his office,’” according to Mr Trump’s attorneys.

“Without immunity from criminal prosecution, the presidency as we know it will cease to exist,” they wrote.

Mr Kimmel claimed on his show that Mr Trump’s lawyers are arguing that future presidents might hesitate to act over worries they could face criminal consequences.

Kimmel reacts to Trump endorsing his daughter-in-law for the RNC

(Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“I mean, they’re right,” Mr Kimmel said.

“What kind of world are we leaving for our children if future presidents have to second guess themselves every time they incite a mob of angry, deluded metal workers to barge into Congress and bear spray the police?”

Following this request, special counsel Jack Smith has urged the Supreme Court to uphold the court’s decision.

While Mr Trump’s attorneys are focusing on winning the immunity argument, what Mr Trump has also been up to, aside from his court cases and campaign events, has not escaped the attention of Mr Kimmel.

“Tanny Soprano is also putting his greasy little baby carrot fingers in the Republican National Committee,” he said, explaining that Mr Trump has recently endorsed his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to co-chair the committee.

“Well, you know what, his son-in-law totally fixed the Middle East; why not let his daughter-in-law fix the Republican Party,” Mr Kimmel sarcastically said, referencing Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner, who oversaw Mr Trump’s Middle East “peace plan” while he was in office.

Mr Trump gave his daughter-in-law a glowing endorsement after also recommending North Carolina Republican party chairman Michael Whatley to also step up as leader of the RNC.

“My very talented daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has agreed to run as the RNC co-chair. Lara is an extremely talented communicator and is dedicated to all that Maga stands for. She has told me she wants to accept this challenge and would be GREAT!” Mr Trump said.

“Oh man, poor Eric,” Mr Kimmel said. “His wife got more compliments in that one post than his father gave him in his entire life so far.”

Aside from this, Mr Kimmel branded the whole scenario “diabolical”, saying that Mr Trump wants his daughter-in-law in this power position “even though she’s not qualified, she looks like Janice from the muppets”.

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