Michelle Troconis trial updates: Closing arguments loom in Jennifer Dulos conspiracy to murder case

Michelle Troconis and Fotis Dulos seen dumping trash bags after alleged murder

The murder conspiracy trial of Michelle Troconis is expected to come to an end this week in Connecticut after 27 days of dramatic testimony.

Jurors will soon decide whether the 49-year-old conspired with her former boyfriend Fotis Dulos to kill his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, on 24 May 2019, and cover up the crime.

Both sides will have one last chance to argue their case as they present their closing arguments on Tuesday.

While the mother-of-five’s body has never been found, Jennifer has been officially declared dead – with police finding that she died a violent death at the hands of Fotis, the man she had filed for divorce from just two years earlier.

In January 2020, Fotis died by suicide after being charged with her murder, leaving his girlfriend Ms Troconis to take the fall.

She has pleaded not guilty and insists she did not know Fotis was doing anything nefarious as she watched him toss garbage bags into random bins, or as she helped him write up a timeline of their whereabouts on the day his estranged wife disappeared.

Ms Troconis decided not to testify in her own defence.


After 27 days of testimony, Michelle Troconis’ trial nears the end

The 49-year-old will appear in court today for closing arguments as her murder conspiracy trial comes to a close.

Ms Troconis’ trial began in early January and after 27 days, is expected to end this week.

Following closing arguments, jury deliberations could start as early as this afternoon.

Here’s what has been happening:

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