Marianne Williamson ‘unsuspending’ her presidential campaign

Longshot Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson announced on Wednesday she is unsuspending her campaign and throwing her hat back into the ring in the race for the White House.

In a video posted on X, Ms Williamson said she was re-joining the presidential race to take down President Joe Biden – who she referred to as a “fascist”.

“I had suspended it because I was losing the horse race but something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here and we must respond,” Ms Williamson said.

“Right now we have a fascist standing at the door and everybody’s all upset about it.”

Ms Williamson criticised Mr Biden’s economic policy, saying he was not doing enough to help people afford everyday things and claimed his unpopular policies would make him unable to defeat Donald Trump.

Her announcement arrived just hours after the Michigan primary in which Mr Biden won with approximately 81 per cent of the vote. However, about 13 per cent of voters in the state said they were uncommitted to supporting Mr Biden due to his support of Israel and refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Ms Williamson, who obtained 3 per cent of the vote on Tuesday night, said she believes in “waging peace both domestically and internationally” and calling for a ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for Hamas hostages.

Ms Williamson, 70 is a self-help author who initially announced her campaign for president in February of last year.

Her campaign has run on policies like Medicare for all, tuition-free college, subsidized child care, ending the “War on Drugs”, reparations and more.

So far, Ms Williamson has failed to generate substantial support in the primaries with roughly four per cent of the vote in New Hampshire being the most votes she received thus far.

“Some people would say, ‘Oh Ms Williamson you’re delusional’. I’ll tell you what’s delusional, what’s delusional is just closing our eyes and crossing our fingers and just hoping somehow that Biden and Harris will be able to defeat that juggernaut of dark, dark vision,” Ms Williams said in her announcement video.

The next Democratic primary will be held in various states on Super Tuesday.

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