Ukraine Russia war latest: Kyiv troops withdraw from villages

Russian forces clear out abandoned military equipment after Ukrainian troops’ retreat from Avdiivka

Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops have withdrawn from two key villages in eastern Ukraine as Nato said it had no plans to send soldiers to Ukraine.

Kyiv’s troops withdrew from Severne and Stepove near Avdiivka, which was captured earlier this month by Russian forces.

“Our forces withdrew from the small villages of Sievierne and Stepove. Heavy battles for Sievierne went on yesterday in the evening and night,” the Ukrainian military said.

It comes as Nato said it had no plans to send troops to Ukraine following French president Emmanuel Macron saying he “could not rule out” sending Western forces into Ukraine.

The comments, reiterated by Downing Street, followed similar remarks from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

On Monday night, Emmanual Macron said that he “could not rule out” sending Western forces into Ukraine. He was speaking after a meeting of 25 European leaders in Paris, suggesting there was consensus over this issue among those present. The response, however, appears to suggest the opposite.

The Kremlin, reacting to Mr Macron’s comments, warned that Western personnel involvement in Ukraine would make war with Nato “inevitable”.


Putin ‘more powerful than Stalin’ and Europe ‘at war’, says UK MP

A UK MP says Vladimir Putin is “now more powerful than Stalin” and “Europe is at war”.

Speaking during an urgent question on the UK’s aid to Ukraine in the House of Commons, Tobias Ellwood said it was “very clear” that the Ukraine war would “move out further”.

“Putin is now more powerful than Stalin, trying to emulate what Stalin did in eastern Europe.

“Can we agree that Europe is at war? This affects us, this affects our economy and security.”

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 05:00


Russia ‘unable’ to protect high-value aircraft and Ukraine a constant ‘threat’, MoD says

Russia has shown a repeated “inability” to protect its high-value aircraft and Ukraine’s defences “continue to pose a threat”, the UK defence ministry has said.

It referenced the downing of two Russian A-50 aircraft by Ukraine in as many months – specialist spy planes which are estimated to cost nearly £300m each.

The MoD pointed out that there was a “remote” chance that an A-50 shot down four days ago was hit by Russia itself.

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 04:00


‘We are not on the cusp of war with Russia’

The head of the UK armed forces has insisted “Britain is secure” and “we are not on the cusp of war with Russia”.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin used a public speech today to stress that “we are not about to be invaded” and no one in the Ministry of Defence is talking about conscription.

“Britain is safe. We are safe because we are part of NATO… and also because we are a responsible nuclear power,” he said.

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 03:00


Russia’s information war will peak in the ‘coming weeks’, Ukraine warns

Russia’s information war will peak in the “coming weeks”, the Ukrainian intelligence department has warned.

Late last year, Ukraine reported Moscow had launched the Maidan-3 special operation which aimed to spread anti-Ukrainian messages online.

In a Telegram post today, it said the plan had cost $1.5bn and was “the most expensive action of the Russian special services in history”.

“During the coming weeks, the enemy will make every effort to spread narratives destructive to global security and attempts to incite conflicts – both inside Ukraine and in other parts of the world, where there is effective support of Ukraine,” it said.

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 02:00


Ukraine names new head of anti-corruption watchdog

Ukraine has approved the new head of a state watchdog responsible for crafting anti-corruption policy, officials said.

Fighting graft is a top priority for Ukraine as it seeks membership in the European Union, and authorities have stepped up their crackdown during the war with Russia.

Viktor Pavluschyk, a former investigator, will serve a four-year term heading the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) after winning an internationally supervised recruitment competition.

NACP formulates Ukraine’s anti-corruption agenda and monitors public servants for illicit gains, working closely with Kyiv’s anti-graft law enforcement agencies.

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 01:00


Ukraine’s Zelensky says he is in Saudi Arabia on working visit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy arrived in Saudi Arabia on a working visit on Tuesday to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a statement posted on his Telegram account.

Zelenskiy wrote that the primary topics of discussion would be Kyiv’s Peace Formula framework for ending Russia’s invasion, as well as the return of captives and deported people.

The Saudi state news agency confirmed in a statement that Zelenskiy had arrived in the kingdom.

Alexander Butler28 February 2024 00:01


Ukraine warns delays in Western aid supplies ‘costing lives and territory’

Alexander Butler27 February 2024 23:00


Watch: Zelensky warns Ukraine will not exist if Russia wins war

Zelensky warns Ukraine will not exist if Russia wins war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a stark warning if his country were to lose the war against Russia. Speaking on the second anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine on Sunday (25 February), Mr Zelensky warned his country “would not exist” if Russia is victorious. Mr Zelensky said: “The most difficult part of the war was two years ago, and we have no alternative not to win. We have no way we can lose. What does it mean if Ukraine loses? We will not exist and we definitely cannot accept such a finale to struggle for our lives.”

Alexander Butler27 February 2024 22:00


Sri Lanka ends visas for hundreds of thousands of Russians staying there to avoid war

Alexander Butler27 February 2024 21:00


Here’s what to know about Sweden’s bumpy road toward Nato

Alexander Butler27 February 2024 20:00

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