Elijah Vue: Timeline of disappearance and search for missing Wisconsin three-year-old

A small Wisconsin town is continuing to search for a missing three-year-old boy, who hasn’t been seen in over a week.

Elijah Vue vanished from his mother’s boyfriend’s home in Two Rivers on Tuesday 20 February.

He had been sent 150 miles away from home for “disciplinary reasons”, with details now showing that the little boy was subjected to lengthy time-outs and threats of cold showers if he misbehaved.

Both Elijah’s mother Katrina Baur, 31, and her boyfriend Jesse Vang, 39, have been charged with child neglect.

As of Wednesday 28 February, the search is still underway for the little boy and the FBI has offered a $15,000 reward for information.

Here is a timeline of Elijah’s disappearance so far

12 February – Katrina Baur leaves Elijah with Jesse Vang in Two Rivers, around a 2.5-hour drive from her home in Wisconsin Dells.

Elijah Vue, 3, was last seen in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, on Tuesday 20 February 2024


12-20 February – Elijah is allegedly subjected to discipline tactics by Mr Vang, including standing time-outs, teaching him to pray and threats of cold water if he misbehaves.

20 February 7.30am – Mr Vang gets up to give Elijah breakfast – cereal without milk.

20 February 8am – Elijah is told to stand at the foot of Mr Vang’s bed and pray whilst the man takes a nap. This was the last known sighting of Elijah, according to Mr Vang’s police testimony.

20 February 10.59am – Two River Police Department gets a call from Mr Vang, reporting Elijah missing.

20 February 1.37pm – Police issue an appeal for help in finding Elijah, while an Amber Alert also goes out to the local community. Elijah is described as around 3ft tall, with brown eyes and hair. He was wearing grey sweatpants, a dark-coloured long-sleeve shirt and red-and-green dinosaur slip-on shoes. He may have been carrying a red-and-white plaid blanket.

Elijah Vue, 3, was last seen in Two Rivers Wisconsin on 20 February 2024

(Two Rivers Police Department)

20 February 5pm – Locals are asked to search outbuildings, vehicles and any other areas where Elijah may have become trapped or hidden, while police utilise drones and search dogs as part of their efforts. Jesse Vang is arrested on suspicion of child neglect that evening.

21 February – Katrina Baur is arrested on suspicion of being party-to-a-crime child neglect.

23 February – Search efforts continue across Two Rivers and Elijah’s hometown of Wisconsin Dells. Ms Baur and Mr Vang appear in court.

26 February – Two Rivers Police Department confirms they are searching a local landfill site as part of the investigation. Ms Baur and Mr Vang appear in court again, with the mother receiving two additional charges of obstruction. The details of Mr Vang’s tactics emerge in court documents.

Police and area firefighters walk along state Highway 310 near Johnston Road during the search for missing three-year-old Elijah Vue, Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024

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27 February – A week after Elijah’s disappearance, police say they are still hopeful of bringing him home safely. The FBI announces a $15,000 reward for information. Elijah’s grandmother cries as she pleads for help in finding him.

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