Body parts of man and woman without fingerprints discovered by schoolgirl in park

Police on New York’s Long Island are trying to identify human remains found in a popular park by a girl walking to school.

The body parts appear to be from a man and a woman, police said.

The girl was walking through Southards Pond Park on Thursday morning when she made the gruesome discovery. A severed arm on the side of the road at Southards Pond Park, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of New York City.

Police searchers later discovered another arm and a leg nearby. The body parts appear to have belonged to a male, according to the Suffolk County Police Department.

Police said on Friday night that a search dog also discovered the head, an arm and parts of two legs that are believed to be from a woman.

The hands were missing fingerprints according to reports.

Kevin Beyrer, commanding officer of the Suffolk County Police Department’s Homicide Unit, said the remains did not appear to have been outside very long.

Southards Pond Park on New York’s Long Island.

“Based on the condition, preliminarily, it appears it is a matter of a small amount of days if not hours that they were out here,” Beyrer told Newsday.

He said investigators were trying to identify the male based on arm tattoos.

“On the east side of the park, we found a right arm and a left arm. They appear to be male,” said Beyrer. “The arms had tattoos and that’s what I’ll say. We’re searching databases for those tattoos.”

Local resident Tina Choy told CBS news: “I live two blocks away, and I usually with my family walk my little dog around here, right by the entrance of the park and then come back around. It’s just scary.”

Police said the search of the park was complete.

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