Watch live: Trump speaks following Supreme Court’s decision on Colorado ballot

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Watch live as Donald Trump makes a statement after the Supreme Court rejected Colorado’s attempt to remove the former president from the ballot for November’s general election.

Mr Trump can now remain on the ballot for president in the state after the court rejected claims he was accountable for the Jan 6 capital riots in 2021.

The leading contender for the GOP nomination celebrated the ruling on

On Truth Social, as he closes in on his party’s nomination.

“BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!!!”, Mr Trump said in a post on his social media networking site.

The ruling on Monday, 4 March, comes ahead of Super Tuesday, where approximately one-third of all delegates are up for grabs.

Mr Trump launched a legal challenge following the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, which found in December that he should be ineligible to run for the White House again or take part in the state’s primary, citing an anti-insurrectionist clause housed within the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

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