Super Tuesday 2024 key election races: Live results and updates

Voters in 15 states head to the polls for Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday, the biggest date in the US presidential primary calendar, has arrived and promises to have a decisive impact on the respective Republican and Democratic races as voters in 16 states and one territory — American Samoa — go to the polls.

As it stands, Donald Trump looks all but certain to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate once again in 2024, having already chalked up big wins in the Iowa, US Virgin Islands and North Dakota caucuses and the New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Michigan, Idaho and Missouri primaries.

Only the well-funded but under-performing ex-UN ambassador Nikki Haley remains to challenge him.

She did pick up a much-needed win in Washington DC’s primary on Sunday but whether that will be enough to finally put some momentum behind her campaign is unclear.

The Democratic contest is even more one-sided, with President Joe Biden seemingly set to be his party’s candidate again as he seeks a second term in the White House.

Key races are also taking place for House and Senate seats in California, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas and North Carolina, among others, with the latter state also choosing nominees to succeed the state’s term-limited Democratic governor.


Trump and Biden win in Oklahoma

Donald Trump and Joe Biden both win their respective races in Oklahoma, AP projects.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:18


Texas’s Democratic primary

Few Republican senators enrage Democrats – and to be honest, some Republicans – as much as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. In 2018, former congressman Beto O’Rourke got within single digits of the man Trump once called “Lyin’ Ted.” Since then, Texas has become purpler, specifically the suburbs of Houston, where Cruz lives, becoming more Democratic, and Democrats flipping two House seats the same year as the 2018 Senate race.

Cruz has also made himself a lightning rod on the national stage, given his leading the charge to object to the 2020 presidential election results and his hightailing it to Mexico during a storm in 2021. Given Florida’s continued drift rightward, Democrats see Texas as their main longshot attempt to keep the Senate and flip a seat when they are otherwise playing defence.

Texas Democrats mainly have two choices in who they can pick to run against Cruz. On one end, much of the Democratic establishment endorsed Colin Allred, a former NFL linebacker who flipped a seat in the suburbs of Dallas in 2018. Allred’s attempt to form a blockade on January 6 to protect his colleagues from rioters offers a potent contrast to Cruz’s attempts to subvert the election results.

Going with a Democrat who represents the suburbs also shows that Democrats see that as their future to winning the Lone Star State. Conversely, state senator Roland Gutierrez came to national prominence after the shooting in Uvalde, which is in his heavily Hispanic home district. In 2020, Democrats’ hopes of flipping Texas crumbled amid a total collapse in the Hispanic areas including in the Rio Grande Valley. Gutierrez’s victory would signal Democrats want to go all-in with Hispanics.

Eric Garcia6 March 2024 01:15


Trump and Biden win respective races in Tennessee

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will win their respective primary races in Tennessee, AP projects.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:10


Democratic Governors Association calls Republican North Carolina nominee ‘dangerous conspiracy theorist’

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:04


Mark Robinson and Josh Stein to face off in North Carolina governor’s race

Mark Robinson will win the North Carolina Republican primary for governor, AP projects.

He’s set to go up against Democrat Josh Stein.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:03


Trump wins North Carolina

Donald Trump will win the North Carolina Republican primary, AP projects.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:01


‘The voters are responsible’

Tom Nichols of The Atlantic noted on X late on Monday that “I am not amazed by Trump voters (anymore), but I am amazed how other Americans make excuses for them: It’s the media, it’s that they’re busy, they work too much so they don’t know, they don’t get the full story… They support Trump because they like him – for many reasons”.

“Stop blaming the media and the economy and gas prices and Russian spies and whatever. This is a democracy. The voters are responsible,” he added.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 01:00


All eyes on California Senate primary

In the wake of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s death, the race to replace her seat has come down to three Democratic Representatives and two Republicans, one of them a former baseball star — with voters deciding which pair of candidates will proceed to the November ballot on Tuesday.

Katie Hawkinson breaks down what is happening in the Golden State:

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 00:45


Biden campaign announces fourth month in a row with record fundraising

The Biden campaign has said that February was the fourth month in a row that the campaign beat its own fundraising record.

Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty said in a statement that “this Super Tuesday, the split screen between our campaign and Donald Trump’s operation (if you can call it that!) couldn’t be more stark: President Biden continues to see record-breaking grassroots enthusiasm around a historic and winning agenda, while Donald Trump is poised to enter the general election broke, saddled by his unwavering support for the extremism Americans repeatedly reject at the ballot box – undermining our democracy, tax giveaways to the rich, and a national abortion ban.

“While Trump spends his limited funds on various other… issues, President Biden’s campaign is using this grassroots momentum to build a cutting-edge and winning campaign for this November,” he added.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 00:40


Biden wins North Carolina

Joe Biden will win the Democratic primary in North Carolina, AP projects.

Gustaf Kilander6 March 2024 00:39

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