Trump to face new bid to remove him from 2024 ballot after Supreme Court ruling: Latest

Jamie Raskin working to ban insurrectionists from office after Supreme Court ruling

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was handed a key legal victory on Monday as justices on the US Supreme Court ruled he could appear on this year’s ballot papers, overturning a ground-breaking decision by Colorado’s Supreme Court, which had found that the candidate should be ineligible to run for the White House again or take part in the state’s primary in accordance with Section Three of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which bars insurrectionists from holding public office.

Maine and Illinois duly followed suit before America’s highest court decided only Congress had the power to disqualify candidates, not individual states.

Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin has since pledged a legislative response from the House of Representatives, saying that Congress “will have to act” and that he is “working on” drafting a bill proposing Mr Trump’s removal from ballots, according to Axios.

In other news, a report has claimed that Mr Trump has claimed victory in the North Dakota GOP caucus, taking all 29 of the state’s delegates after receiving more than 84 per cent of the vote, setting himself up nicely for Super Tuesday where he again faces off against Nikki Haley in 15 states.


Watch: Trump not worried about money as bond payment looms

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 22:15


Boebert wants revenge on Colorado official who called for Trump ballot disqualification

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 22:01


Sinema announces she won’t run for Senate seat after leaving Democratic Party

The one-term senator from Arizona announced on Tuesday that she would serve the remainder of her term before stepping down from the Senate at the end of the year, rather than run for re-election. Following her win in a nail-biter election as a Democrat in 2018, Ms Sinema joined the Senate in January of 2019.

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 21:45


Trump rants about upcoming immunity battle following SCOTUS decision

Donald Trump ranted about presidential immunity at his Mar-a-Lago estate following the US Supreme Court’s decision to reverse a Colorado ruling disqualifying him from running for president. Voters in at least 16 states, including Colorado, had teamed up with organisations to try and remove Mr Trump from their ballots under the 14th Amendment “insurrection clause”. After SCOTUS ruled in his favour on Monday 4 March, a jubilant Mr Trump said: “If a president doesn’t have full immunity, you really don’t have a president”. On Truth Social, Mr Trump called the decision a “BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!!!”

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 21:15


Trump complains about Fox News… again

Despite appearing on the network by phone this morning, Donald Trump is again complaining about his one-time favourite network, Fox News.

The former president wrote on Truth Social:

How many times is FoxNews going to put on RINO Bush apologist Marc Thiessen. He was wrong about me in 2016, and in 2020 I got more votes than any sitting President in history, but the Election was RIGGED. My record on Endorsements is unmatched by anyone, EVER! Put on people who understand what is going on in politics…And while you’re at it, GET RID OF KARL ROVE!!!

On a more positive note he seems very happy with how Super Tuesday is going, posting: “GREAT VOTER ENTHUSIASM TODAY. THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 21:11


Earlier: Trump talks court cases, Israel, migrants and Nikki Haley on Fox and Friends

Donald Trump appeared by phone on Fox and Friends this morning, delivering some boilerplate talking points in a friendly atmosphere as he prepares himself for Super Tuesday.

Here are a few choice quotes from his appearance, in which he claimed that Hamas’s 7 October attack on Israel would not have happened if he had been president, that Little League games are being cancelled because of migrants sleeping in city parks and that Nikki Haley “misrepresents facts” (!)

On the Supreme Court’s ballot ruling in his favour

“There should be no question. If you win or lose, you have to win or lose at the ballot box, not the courtroom. It was a well-crafted decision and both sides were respectful of it.”

On the spectre of “migrant crime”

“We have to beat Biden, he is the worst president in history. The borders are an embarrassment. People are coming from jails and mental institutions, nobody has seen anything like this. They are coming from jails and prisons and mental institutions and insane asylums and there are terrorists. What they are doing is incredible, they are poisoning our country. We will close the border and deport the people and get them out, no country can sustain what we’re going through right now.

“We have a different country than even two years ago, this migrant destruction of our country. Look at New York and Chicago and Los Angeles. We have a much different country in many ways, also from a voting standpoint, people mostly happy three years ago are devastated right now. They can’t go to hospitals or schools and can’t use playgrounds. I read where Little League is being cancelled because you have migrants living all over the parks and fields. Our country is a mess. We will make a heavy play for New York and Virginia, states that generally don’t go Republican, I think will go Republican a lot. I think frankly the Democrats have themselves a big problem.”

“You had a horrible invasion that would have never happened if I was president. Iran was broke, no money for Hamas or Hezbollah, this would have never happened. They wouldn’t have done it to me. They have no respect for Biden and frankly they got soft and what happened is incredible. It never should have happened. Russia would never have attacked Ukraine, never. You know it, everybody knows it and that wouldn’t have happened. This is on Biden.”

On his New York fraud trial

“The decision was made by a crooked judge, a 100 per cent crooked clubhouse judge. With an equally crooked attorney general. Who campaigned on ‘I’ll get Trump’. People are leaving New York. Businesses are fleeing New York because of that decision. They use statutes to go after me. Never used before.”

“She misrepresents facts, she is not doing very well against Biden. I want everybody to come together and have a unified party, our real opponent happens to be named Biden and he’s a disaster, the worst president in this history.

“Whether she likes hearing that or not, there is no path for her to win. Today I should win hopefully every state. I won North Dakota last night 87 to practically nothing. There is no path. You saw the vote in Texas, that is a poll. 100 per cent for Trump. No path. What is she doing other than hurting the Republican Party? Democrats gave her a lot of money, because as a certain person, Gavin Newsom, said, she is the best option for Democrats. That is right. She lost when you had a Republican primary and Democrats were allowed to vote. I still won and won in South Carolina against her. There is no path for Nikki Haley. I wish Nikki the best, she stood up and said ‘I will never run against our president’ and then she ran. So those things, you don’t like to see. You like to see people that are truthful.”

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 21:00


Trump rallies mocked as ‘half mega-church, half ComicCon, with way worse merch’

Talk show host Seth Meyers mocked Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign rallies as he branded them, “Half mega-church, half ComicCon with way worse merch.”

The comic trolled the one-term former president and pointed out how Mr Trump had even played a rendition of the US national anthem sung by convicted insurrectionists.

Amelia Neath has the story:

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 20:45


Thune says he did not speak with Trump before announcing bid to be GOP leader

CNN’s Manu Raju reports that Senator John Thune did not inform Donald Trump before announcing his intention to lead the Republican Party in the Senate following the upcoming retirement of Senator Mitch McConnell as Minority Leader.

Mr Thune and the former president had spoken the weekend before Mr McConnell made his announcement.

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 20:30


Trump celebrated Supreme Court ruling in his own unique way…

…with a bizarre rant broadcast live from Mar-a-Lago.

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 20:15


After the Supreme Court ruling, what now for Trump?

Ariana Baio looks at the immediate implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on states’ ability to remove him from primary ballots:

Oliver O’Connell5 March 2024 19:45

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