Nikki Haley suspends 2024 presidential campaign: Election live updates

Nikki Haley drops out of 2024 presidential race

Nikki Haley has suspended her campaign for the Republican presidential race after a disappointing performance in Super Tuesday.

While she managed to beat Donald Trump in Vermont’s GOP primary, a surprise on what was otherwise a dominant night for the front-runner in which he won a further 14 primaries, including such large states as California and Texas.

The former UN ambassador addressed supporters in South Carolina on Wednesday morning saying she had “no regrets” about her campaign but did not offer an endorsement of the former president.

Declaring victory at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on Tuesday night, Mr Trump said: “They call it Super Tuesday for a reason. This is a big one.

“They tell me the pundits and otherwise that there’s never been one like this… has never been anything so conclusive.”

As it stands, Mr Trump looks all but certain to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate having already chalked up big wins in all of the sates prior to Super Tuesday.

President Joe Biden also dominated the Democratic race as expected but there was an upset in the US territory of American Samoa, where he was beaten by little-known entrepreneur Jason Palmer.



The former president said it was “important for the country to get the truth” and later offered to debate Mr Biden “anytime, anywhere, anyplace”.

Mike Bedigan reports on the former president’s latest outburst:

Oliver O’Connell7 March 2024 01:20


US public companies must report greenhouse gas emissions

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a much-anticipated rule requiring public companies to publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions and expected climate risk.

The rule passed 3-2 on Wednesday, supported by three Democratic commissioners and opposed by two Republicans. The rule has been under consideration for nearly two years, and the guidelines commissioners adopted Wednesday are weaker than those proposed before.

Unlike previous drafts of the rule, the SEC will not require public companies to report some indirect emissions, referred to as “Scope 3” emissions, which happen along a company’s supply chain rather than as a result of their direct operations, according to the Associated Press.

Katie Hawkinson has the story…

Oliver O’Connell7 March 2024 00:20


He quoted Hitler. He called LGBT people ‘filth’. And now he could become North Carolina’s next governor

And soon, he could take on the top job in the state.

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 23:20


Biden previews State of the Union address: ‘My report to you, the American people’

President Joe Biden has previewed tomorrow’s State of the Union address, referring to it as “my report to you, the American people”.

The State of the Union isn’t just a speech – it’s my report to you, the American people.

You hired me to get the job done, build an economy that works for working people, and make life better for families.

Tomorrow, I’ll update you on our progress and lay out the path ahead.

My Administration has accomplished more over three years than most presidents have in eight –

From investing in infrastructure and lowering health care costs to abolishing junk fees, making the wealthy pay their fair share, and fighting for women’s reproductive health care.

But there is still so much to do before the job’s done.

That includes lowering prescription drug prices for every American, getting student debt relief to hardworking borrowers, restoring a woman’s right to choose, and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 22:50


State of the Union: Who has been invited?

As is customary, a number of high-profile guests have been invited to watch the State of the Union in the company of their representatives or seated beside the first lady.

Here’s a list of this year’s list of invitees – not all of whom are able to attend:

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Uvalde schoolchildren were massacred under a sheriff’s watch. He was still undefeated on Super Tuesday

For nearly two years, a Texas county sheriff has refused to step down after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in 2022.

And he won re-election with roughly 39 per cent of votes against three Republican challengers, according to preliminary results.

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 21:50


Biden campaign responds to Trump call for debates

In a statement, Biden campaign spokesperson Michael Tyler declined to address whether the president would debate, suggesting that’s a discussion for later date.

“I know Donald Trump’s thirsty for attention and struggling to expand his appeal beyond the MAGA base — and that’s a conversation we’ll have at the appropriate time in this cycle,” Tyler said. “But if he’s so desperate to see President Biden in prime time, he doesn’t have to wait! He can join the tens of millions of Americans who will tune in to watch the State of the Union tomorrow night. He might even learn a thing or two about bringing people together and actually delivering for the American people.”

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 21:31


House passes six-bill spending package, which now heads to Senate

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 21:28


Trump to counter-programme Biden’s State of the Union

(AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump is planning some kind of counter-programming to Joe Biden’s State of the Union tomorrow evening.

The former president posted to Truth Social:

I am pleased to inform you that tomorrow night we will be doing a LIVE, Play by Play, of Crooked Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. I will correct, in rapid response, any and all inaccurate Statements, especially pertaining to the Border and his Weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, A.G.s, and District Attorneys, to go after his Political Opponent, ME (something never done before in this Country!). We did this once before to tremendous success – Beating All Records. It is important for the Country to get the TRUTH!

Please spare a thought for the fact-checkers out there who will now have to deal with both a sitting president and a former president…

Mr Trump wasn’t done there. He added:

It is important, for the Good of our Country, that Joe Biden and I Debate Issues that are so vital to America, and the American People. Therefore, I am calling for Debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE! The Debates can be run by the Corrupt DNC, or their Subsidiary, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). I look forward to receiving a response. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 20:50


Coming up tomorrow… it’s State of the Union time

Joe Sommerlad gives a rundown of everything you need to know ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday evening:

What time is the State of the Union?

President Joe Biden is expected to tout achievements in office and address a range of domestic and international concerns in Thursday’s speech to joint-session of Congress

Oliver O’Connell6 March 2024 20:30

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