Haiti under state of emergency as world leaders gather for crisis talks amid gang takeover – live

Haiti: Hundreds of inmates escape after armed gangs storm prison

Caribbean leaders are meeting in Jamaica on Monday to discuss the ongoing state of emergency in Haiti, where gangs have taken over most of the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, and have forced Prime Minister Ariel Henry out of the country.

Mr Henry is currently in Puerto Rico and has been barred from returning to his home country. A growing number of officials in Haiti are calling for his resignation. According to the Associated Press, the prime minister has rejected the calls. Patrick Boivert, a finance minister, is currently serving as the country’s acting prime minister.

Earlier this month, gangs stormed some of the country’s prisons and set thousands of inmates free, leading to violence and chaos. The country then declared a state of emergency. It’s not clear if Mr Henry will attend the meeting on Monday. It was organised by  Caricom, a regional trade bloc that has pressed for a transitional government in the country for months.

Mr Henry has served as the country’s prime minister since 1987.


Antony Blinken to attend meeting in Jamaica regarding Haiti crisis

Global leaders, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are expected to attend a meeting on Monday in Jamaica about Haiti’s future as it remains in a state of emergency following an attempted gang takeover.

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