Biden and Trump sweep 5 state primaries as former car salesman Bernie Moreno wins US Senate race in Ohio: Live

Dolan and DeWine project confidence as they face off against Trump-backed Moreno in Ohio

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump both inched closer to their respective party conventions on Tuesday after sweeping their primaries in the five states of Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona.

The final call, in Arizona, was made in favour of the two men shortly after 8pm local time by The Associated Press.

All eyes were on the GOP senate race in Ohio, which placed Mr Trump’s endorsement power under fresh scrutiny. However the presidential candidate’s pick, former car salesman Bernie Moreno, overcame a pair of party establishment rivals for the chance to challenge Democrat Sherrod Brown.

Mr Moreno was annointed by Mr Trump as his MAGA representative in the contest but faced stiff competition from state senator Matt Dolan and secretary of state Frank LaRose. The Associated Press called the race in the Buckeye state for Mr Moreno shortly after 8.35pm local time.

The Republican presidential nominee hailed Mr Moreno as a “fantastic guy” during a 90-minute address at the Dayton Air Show on Saturday and laid into Mr Dolan, whom he labelled a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) and “the next Mitt Romney”.


Hutchinson joins Pence in refusal to endorse Trump

Former Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson has firmly stated he will not endorse Donald Trump as the nominee for his party, saying Mr Trump has put his ego “above the common good”.

The former Arkansas governor said that the Republican nominee had redefined the party “in his image” and that meant traditional GOP values had been lost.

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Convicted fraudster who will testify at GOP impeachment hearing sought pardon from Trump in 2020

A convicted felon and notorious fraudster interviewed by House investigators as part of the Republican-led impeachment probe into President Joe Biden sought a presidential pardon during the waning days of the Trump administration and refused to rule out asking for one if Mr Trump is returned to office.

The Republican witness, Jason Galanis, is scheduled to give evidence from a federal prison by remote video link on Wednesday when House Republicans convene a public hearing with several former business associates of Mr Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Read the full story from Andrew Feinberg here:

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Marjorie Taylor Greene leads revolt against agreement to avert a shutdown

Conservatives revolted as Congress came to a bipartisan agreement to avoid a government shutdown.

Read the full story here:

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Another setback for House GOP Biden impeachment probe as key witness refuses to attend hearing

An attorney for Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter Biden, cited a “patently unreasonable” amount of time to prepare for the hearing when declining to appear, ABC News reports. Matthew Schwartz, his lawyer, said the committee asked them in a Friday “end-of-day email” if he would appear on Wednesday, per ABC News.

Katie Hawkinson has the story:

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump win Arizona primaries

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have won their respective primaries in Arizona.

The Associated Press called the results for both men, shortly after 8pm local time.

The respective victories give both the president and former president a clean sweep in the state primaries held on Tuesday in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and now Arizona.

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A car dealer just rode Donald Trump’s endorsement to victory in Ohio. What does that mean for November?

Donald Trump’s endorsement remains unassailable force in Republican primary contests, but his candidates face electability questions.

The Independent’s John Bowden looks at what this might mean for the coming elections later this year.

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Moreno uses victory speech in Ohio to praise Trump

Bernie Moreno used his acceptance speech in Cleveland, Ohio, to shower praise on former president Donald Trump – who backed him – as well as to commend rivals Matt Dolan and Frank LaRose on campaigns well run.

He called on the party to unify now to defeat Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.“We have an opportunity now to retire the old commie, and send him to a retirement home and save this country, because that’s what we’re going to do,” Mr Moreno told a cheering crowd.

He called Mr Brown President Joe Biden’s “absolute enabler” in the Senate and liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “lapdog.”

Mr Brown responded to the news on X: “The choice ahead of Ohio is clear: Bernie Moreno has spent his career and campaign putting himself first, and would do the same if elected. I’ll always work for Ohio.”

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Watch: President Joe Biden participates in a campaign event in the Reno

Governor Mike DeWine campaigns for Matt Dolan in Ohio

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Frank LaRose releases statement following Ohio Senate primary loss

Here is Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s full statement following his loss in the state Senate primary on Tuesday:

“I’m honored and humbled by the thousands of Ohioans who stood with me in this campaign. While this is not my time to serve as our party’s nominee for the United States Senate, I’m profoundly grateful for those who gave me their support.

“A lot of people warned me about getting into a contest with a powerful, entrenched incumbent and two wealthy self-funders. They said I’d be unfairly attacked without the resources to defend my record, that it would damage my personal and political reputation. Those opinions just didn’t matter to me as much as the gravity of this moment in our nation’s history. I’ve been clear from the beginning that we have a country to save, and I’ll always fight for America.

“I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. My faith taught me conviction; the Army taught me courage; and my daughters inspire me every day to care deeply about the future of our country.

“While our faces are marred politically by dust and sweat and blood, I believe with Teddy Roosevelt that at worst, if we fail, we fail while daring greatly, so that our place will never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. I look forward to future victories, beginning with electing a Senate majority this November that will work with President Trump to make America great again.

“Now is the time to stand together as a party. Moments ago, I called to congratulate Bernie Moreno and wish him well. We all share the same mission to retire Sherrod Brown and restore Ohio’s voice and values to the United States Senate. The stakes for this election couldn’t be higher.”

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Ohio Democratic Senator looks forward to ‘toughest race’ in November

Ohio’s Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown has said that the state Senate race in November “may be my toughest race”.

Following the outcome of Tuesday’s GOP primary in Ohio, Mr Brown will now take on former car-salesman Bernie Moreno as he seeks a fourth term in a state that is turning increasingly red.

“It may be my toughest race,” he told CNN.

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