Bizarre moment Young Thug YSL trial witness says he’s falling asleep on stand because he’s ‘so high’

A bizarre moment unfolded during Young Thug’s racketeering trial this week when a witness for the prosecution told the judge he was “so high” he might fall asleep on the stand.

Adrian Bean took the stand on Tuesday to testify in the case against rapper Jeffery Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug.

Prosecutors said that Mr Bean was on the scene on 11 September 2013 when Donovan Thomas Jr was killed in a drive-by shooting.

However, Mr Bean has not offered any helpful information in the case so far – as he testified that his memory of the shooting was nil to nonexistent because he was frequently on drugs throughout 2013.

On Tuesday, he caused another headache for the prosecution when he told the judge he may fall asleep because he is “so high”.

“Man, umm,” he said — slowly leaning forward in the witness chair. “Can I get a water or something? I’m so high right now, y’all, I’m about to go to sleep on y’all now. I am.”

Adrian Beans told the judge he was so high he might fall asleep

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Judge Ural Glanville allowed an attorney to bring Mr Bean a bottle of water before his testimony continued.

In the trial, prosecutors allege Young Thug led a violent street gang called Young Slime Life, or YSL, that was responsible for killings, shootings, carjackings and other crimes over about a decade.

Prosecutors allege that he used his successful music career and social media posts to promote the gang and establish its dominance.

Mr Bean previously testified that he was addicted to drugs during this period and could not recall anything from that time.

He also denied having any recollection of what was said during a January 2023 meeting with Young Thug’s lead defende attorney, Brian Steel, in which he allegedly said: “Young Thug was not in the car with us that day. I don’t even know how his name really got mentioned.”

Mr Steel has accused Mr Bean of being untruthful.

Young Thug in court on Monday, 4 December, wearing a sweater with a wolf design.

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Five other co-defendants — Shannon “SB” Stillwell, Marquavius “Qua” Huey, Deamonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick, Quamarvious “Qua” Nichols, and Rodalius “Lil Rod” Ryan — are currently also on trial.

Young Thug was initially arrested and charged in May 2022 in a sprawling RICO indictment along with 27 other defendants.

The trial has been undoubtedly rocky. Shannon Stillwell, a co-defendant, was stabbed “multiple times” in jail by a fellow inmate in December. The incident led to the trial’s postponement until 2 January.

Meanwhile, defence attorneys have accused police and prosecutors of relying too heavily on jailhouse informants who have every reason to tell them what they want to hear.

They have also criticised prosecutors’ use of rap lyrics as evidence of alleged crimes, saying their clients’ art and free expression are being improperly used against them.

Prosecutors have disputed this, insisting that they are not pursuing Young Thug and others because of their violent lyrics.

“We didn’t chase the lyrics to solve the murders,” Fulton County prosecutor Adriane Love said. “We chased the murders and, as the evidence will show, in the process, we found the lyrics.”

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