Time’s up for Trump as $464m fraud bond deadline and hush money trial hearing loom today: Latest

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As deadline day dawns for Donald Trump to pay the $464m bond in his New York civil fraud case, the Republican presidential candidate has been claiming that he has nearly $500m “in cash” despite his own attorneys telling a New York court that he cannot come up with the money.

Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is worth billions of dollars, with much of that value tied up in the Trump Organization and his brand-building real estate holdings.

Before Monday’s deadline to post the mammoth bond, the former president declared on his Truth Social platform that he had earned the money he alleges Democrats are trying to take away from him “through hard work, talent and luck”.

That “substantial amount” had been intended for his presidential campaign, he said.

New York attorney general Letitia James is preparing to seize Mr Trump’s assets if he is unable to come up with the money he needs to appeal the outcome of his Manhattan fraud trial.

Mr Trump will be in the city today for an important hearing in the hush money case against him, which was due to begin on Monday but is currently scheduled for 15 April.


What happens if Trump can’t secure the $464m bond in his civil fraud case?

Here’s Alex Woodward on what might happen next if Trump does not come up with the cash today.

Joe Sommerlad25 March 2024 10:00


Trump claims he has $454m fine amount ‘in his bank account’ but plans to spend it running for president

Let’s start with the bond issue.

Here’s Alisha Rahaman Sarkar on Trump’s surely unwise insistence that he does have the money after all but doesn’t want to pay up as it was supposed to be spent on his presidential campaign.

Joe Sommerlad25 March 2024 09:30


Truth Social: Trump stews over fraud bond and hits out at Fox News over coverage

With Donald Trump facing a big day of legal drama that will see him attend an important hearing on this upcoming hush money trial in Manhattan as the $464m bond in his fraud case falls due, the Republican candidate has continued to rage against the universe on his social media platform, lashing out again at New York attorney general Letitia James, Judge Arthur Engoron and even Fox News over its coverage of his plight.

Joe Sommerlad25 March 2024 09:00


His lawyers say he can’t afford bond but Trump claims he has $500m ‘in cash’

Oliver O’Connell25 March 2024 08:15


Trump Tower has seen it all

Trump’s TV stint, ‘golden escalator’ presidential launch and notorious guests, it’s a place that’s played a major role in the history of the business tycoon-turned-president-turned accused felon’s life.

Now it could fall into the hands of someone Donald Trump views as a staunch enemy.

Joe Sommerlad25 March 2024 06:45


Who will be Trump’s running mate?

With the Republican National Committee (RNC) nomination all but formally secured for Donald Trump, all eyes are on who the former president will choose as his running mate in pursuit of the White House.

Already, rumours are swirling about Mr Trump’s short list of potential options – nearly all of which are people who have backed Mr Trump and denounced the 2020 election results, despite widespread evidence that it was not stolen.

It is unclear when Mr Trump will announce his decision, but he revealed Mike Pence as his running mate in July 2016, before the RNC held its annual convention.

Here are the potential options:

Ariana Baio25 March 2024 04:45


Jan 6: NCIS actor charged over Capitol riot

An actor who has appeared in the likes of NCIS and The Rookie has been arrested for allegedly taking part in the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

Nolan Freeman spent around 28 minutes inside the Capitol, after entering through a broken window alongside other Donald Trump supporters that day, according to a charging document revealed by Politico.

Mr Freeman was tracked down as part of an FBI investigation into all those supporters of the former president involved in the riot, seeking to overturn the 2020 election results.

Oliver O’Connell25 March 2024 02:45


‘Prison and jumpsuits’: Lev Parnas predicts what’s on the horizon for ex-allies Trump and Giuliani

“Prison and jumpsuits,” he said. “They will be cellmates for the rest of their lives.”

Oliver O’Connell25 March 2024 00:45


As rumours abound about a possible VP pick, here’s Trump and Rubio’s history of spats

The Florida Senator suggested on Thursday that he and the former president had buried the hatchet, appearing open to the opportunity to serve as Mr Trump’s number two, should he be elected.

Oliver O’Connell24 March 2024 23:45


Trump lashes out as clock runs down on his $464m bond payment

Oliver O’Connell24 March 2024 22:45

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