Baltimore Key Bridge collapse – latest: Rescuers searching water after ship hits bridge

Moment bridge in Baltimore collapses after ship collision

Two people have so far been rescued from the freezing Baltimore waters after a huge container ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Footage showed the moment the 1.6 mile long bridge fell into the water just before 1.30am local time this morning after the Singapore-flagged Dali ship slammed into one of the bridge’s pillars.

Multiple cars were crossing over the bridge at the time, including one the size of a tractor-trailer.

Baltimore Police said in a press briefing that a desperate search is currently under way for at least seven people missing in the water.

Just two people have been pulled from the water five hours on from the incident, one of whom is currently fighting for their life in hospital.

Sonar has detected multiple vehicles still in the water.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has declared a state of emergency and the White House is monitoring the incident.

According to the Marine Traffic website, the ship was bound for Colombo Port in Sri Lanka at the time.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge rests partially collapsed after a container ship ran into it in Baltimore



White House ‘closely monitoring’ situation after Baltimore Bridge collapse

The White House is “closely monitoring” the situation after the Francis Scott Key Bridge bridge collapsed in Baltimore.

“Our hearts go out to the families of those who remain missing as a result of this horrific incident,” the president said in an official statement.

“The US Coast Guard is conducting search and rescue for those who remain unaccounted for as a result of the bridge collapse.

“Senior White House officials are in touch with the governor and mayor to offer any federal assistance they need. There is no indication of any nefarious intent,” the statement added.

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Watch: Authorities confirm two rescued and at least seven missing

Baltimore bridge collapse: Authorities confirm two rescued and at least seven missing

Authorities confirmed two people have been pulled from the Patapsco River after a major bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed on Tuesday 26 March. Sections of the 1.6-mile Francis Scott Key Bridge tumbled into the water after it was struck by a container ship at around 01:30am local time. One of the people saved from the river was uninjured, and another has been hospitalised in a “very serious condition”. Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace added that authorities are still searching for “upwards of seven individuals” but that number could change.

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Search will continue for ‘some time,’ says police chief

“We are still very much in an active search and rescue posture at this point and we will continue to be for some time,” Baltimore police chief James Wallace said.

“We have a large area that we have to search. This includes on the surface of the water, subsurface, as well as on the deck of the ship itself.”

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Unclear if there was a problem with the ship

Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said they do not have any information as to if there was problem with the ship.

He says police have not spoken to the pilot on the vessel yet.

Chief Wallace added that he could not confirm if there had been a fuel leakage from the cargo ship.

“We hope as the sun comes up, we will get a much better picture if we do have a fuel spill and what the impact has been so far,” he said.

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No indication of terrorism

Baltimore police confirmed there is no indication that terrorism was involved in the crash that caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse.

The city’s fire chief James Wallace added that there is no indication the crash was intentional.

“Our criminal intel is working with the FBI and other federal and state agencies to get all the intel that we have,” he said.

James Wallace, chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department gives a statement on the Key Bridge collapse

(Sky News)

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Baltimore bridge collapse ‘an unthinkable tragedy’

The Baltimore bridge collapse is an “unthinkable tragedy,” the city’s mayor Brandon Scott said.

“We have to be thinking about the families and people impacted, folks who we have to try to find. This is what our focus should be on right now, we’re going to continue to work in partnership with every part of government to do everything we can to get us through the other side of this tragedy,” he said.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott

(Sky News)

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Workers on Baltimore bridge at time of collapse, according to police

Police said they have been told there were workers on the bridge at the time of the crash.

Speaking at a press conference, police confirmed there were people on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

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Crew still on board the ship, say police

The crew of the Dali cargo ship are still on board, police said.

All members of the crew are said to be accounted for after a 300-metre container ship crashed into – and collapsed – the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Police said sonar has detected a number of vehicles submerged in the water. The exact number is not clear, but at least seven are thought to be involved.

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Baltimore bridge collapse ‘Very large incident and very large footprint’

The Baltimore bridge collapse is a “very large incident” with a “very large footprint,” police said.

Up to seven people are thought to be missing.

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Two people removed from water after bridge collapse

Two people were removed from the water after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore, police said.

One person refused medical help because they were not injured, while the other person was taken to a trauma centre in a very serious condition.

“One individual refused service and refuse transport essentially that person was not injured,” police chief James Wallace said.

“However, there was another individual that’s been transported to a local trauma centre that is in a very serious condition,” he added.

Police said they may be looking for upwards of seven individuals.

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