Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse live: Baltimore workers start removing piece of wreckage from water

Baltimore to receive $60 million in federal funds to rebuild

Crews started lifting the first section of Baltimore’s collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge from the water on Saturday, a move aimed at allowing access for barges and tugboats to reach the disaster site.

The workers are currently focusing on lifting a section of the bridge while leaving the crumpled part resting on the bow of the Dali, the container ship responsible for the bridge collapse, officials said. Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden said on Friday he will go to Baltimore next week.

Tom Perez, senior adviser and assistant to Biden, said Sunday that plans for the visit were still being worked out. He called the salvage operation a “Herculean undertaking”.

“The Port of Baltimore will be back,” Mr Perez told MSNBC. “The president has said this. We’re going to move heaven and earth to make sure we rebuild the bridge, we clear out the debris as soon as possible, so that we can minimize these disruptions.”

It comes after enormous cranes arrived in Baltimore to help clear the wreckage, which officials say is an essential step before recovery efforts to find the missing construction workers and reopen the port.


Baltimore mayor responds to racist remarks

Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott has responded to racist remarks that he had to endure since the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge last week.

Following the collapse, conservatives on social media began falsely attributing the incident to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programmes, calling Mr Scott a “DEI mayor”.

“I am a young Black man, a young Black mayor in this country. We know that there are a lot of racism folks who think I shouldn’t be in this job,” Mr Scott, 39, told CBS News on Sunday.

“I know that. I’ve been Black my whole life. I know how racism goes in this country. But my focus is always going to be on those people. I didn’t want to be out there that night answering questions about DEI. I’m worried about the loss of life.

“And ignoring the noise of folks who simply want to be divisive and are afraid that their way of life, where people that don’t look like them and think like them can be in control, can be in power and actually be better at the job,” he added.

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Preparation underway to open ‘alternate channel’, says Port of Baltimore captain

The captain of the Port of Baltimore has said authorities are preparing to open an alternate channel in the vicinity of the Key Bridge.

“This will mark an important first step along the road to reopening the port of Baltimore,” Capt David O’Connell said on Sunday.

Captain O’Connell is the Maryland commander for the Coast Guard and on-scene coordinator for the wreckage clear-up operation.

“By opening this alternate route, we will support the flow of marine traffic into Baltimore,” he said.

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In pics: Debris being cleared from the collapsed Key Bridge

Debris is cleared from the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge

(Getty Images)

Debris is cleared from the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge

(Getty Images)

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Moore: ‘We are Maryland tough and Baltimore strong’

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Workers remove first piece of bridge wreckage

Workers began removing the rubble of the collapsed Francis Key Scott bridge from the Patapsco River on Sunday.

A 200-tonne segment of the bridge was lifted and transferred using a crane to offload and process those parts at Tradepoint Atlantic in Sparrows Point, governor Wes Moore said.

The bridge collapsed early on Tuesday morning, killing six migrant road workers, when a container ship nearly lost power and crashed into a support pylon.

The wreckage and hazardous weather conditions have made it impossible for divers to continue searching for the four remaining bodies of the deceased construction workers in recent days, governor Moore said.

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Maryland governor urges Congress to pass funding for Key Bridge

Maryland governor Wes Moore has urged Republicans to work with Democrats to approve federal funding for rebuilding the Key bridge to get the port economy back on its feet.

The Joe Biden administration released $60m in initial emergency aid on Thursday to assist in cleaning up the bridge debris and reopening the port, which is the largest in the US for “roll-on, roll-off” vehicle imports and exports of farm and construction equipment.

Mr Moore said Republicans should be willing to approve the funding for the sake of not just the city of Baltimore, but for the national economy.

“The reason that we need people to move in a bipartisan basis … is not because we need you to do Maryland a favour,” Mr Moore told CNN on Sunday.

“We need to make sure that we’re actually moving quickly to get the American economy going again, because the Port of Baltimore is instrumental in our larger economic growth.”

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Baltimore Key Bridge collapse. Everything we know

The cause of the 26 March collision, which resulted in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, is still unknown. As the investigation is still underway, the mission has shifted from one of recovery to one of clearing the waters.

Following an update by authorities on Saturday, here’s everything we know:

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Easter message from Maryland Governor

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Watch: Baltimore’s Key Bridge featured in The Wire

Baltimore’s Key Bridge featured in The Wire

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First stage of removing debris by crane ‘remarkably important moment’

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that the first debris lift, which took place on Saturday, was a “remarkably important moment”.

Mr Moore told reporters at a press conference ahead of the operations that the piece of bridge scheduled to be removed by crane was not one on top of the Dali container ship.

“We still do not yet have a timeline as to when we can actually begin lifting pieces off of the Dali, but we know that today is a remarkably important moment, but one that still is going to take further evaluation as to what type of impact that’s going to have on the remainder of the mission,” he said.

Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath added: “The piece of the northern part of the bridge is going to be lifted today, I believe has been cut… I can’t tell you where they are in the stage of the actual lifting but is scheduled to be lifted today.”

Mr Gilreath said he was unsure of the exact dimensions of the piece, but that it was part of the “top section” of the bridge.

“It’s gonna take the day to do it. I mean, they had to do the engineering process to plan how we could make those cuts,” he said. “They’re making those cuts, then they’re going to have to put straps to rig it, and then they will rig it and they will set it on a barge so it can be brought back here.”

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