Mother who desperately tried to save injured baby among six killed in Sydney shopping centre attack

A first-time mother was among those killed in a shock stabbing spree at a Sydney shopping mall, with her nine-month-old baby undergoing surgery after suffering knife wound injuries.

Six people were murdered at the Wesfield Bondi Junction centre on Saturday afternoon, with the attacker shot dead by a “heroic” off-duty female police officer who had responded to the scene.

Ash Good, 38, is the first victim to be identified, with witnesses reporting that she handed over her small child to other terrified shoppers for them to carry out make-shift medical aid.

Ash Good has been named as one of the knifeman’s victims while her baby remains in hospital (instagram)

Two brothers said they tried to aid her and her child using shirts from the shop they were sheltering in to stop the bleeding.

One of the brothers told 9News Sydney: “We were just shopping and saw the man run up to the woman with the baby and then we were both ready to go and help out.

“But I just said to my brother, we’ve got to run in – ran in, told the guys to lock up the doors and then the mother came with the baby bleeding, stabbed and we got them into the store and just got them safe and then rang for help.”

Police entering the Bondi Junction shopping centre after receiving reports of a stabbing attack (AFP via Getty Images)

He added his brother “helped with holding the baby, and trying to compress the baby, and same with the mother – trying to compress the blood from stopping, and call the ambulance and the police.”

She was later confirmed as one of the deceased victims, with New South Wales police commissioner Karen Webb telling reporters it was “too soon” to provide an update on her child’s condition.

In the first tributes from those who knew her, she was described as a “beautiful person, a wonderful athlete”, who had been “so excited” to welcome her child.

Emotional shoppers being evacuated from the shopping mall (AP)

Just hours before the Sydney stabbing spree, local media has reported that Ms Good posted a video to Instagram of her daughter in her car seat, eating a snack, to the soundtrack of My Girl by The Temptations.

Emergency services were contacted at around 3.30pm local time after a lone knifeman entered the shopping centre and began indiscriminately attacking shoppers.

A shocking video shared online appears to show a shopper confronting the attacker, who is wielding a large blade, on an escalator by holding a bollard towards him.

Four women and a man died within the shopping centre and while another woman, believed to be Ms Good, was confirmed dead after being rushed to hospital. Eight people, including her child, are in hospitals around Sydney receiving treatment for “different injuries”.

Brave shopper seen fighting off the knifeman on the escalators (X)

A female New South Wales Police inspector has been hailed as a hero after she confronted the attacker on her own and shot him dead as he raised a knife and lunged at her.

At a press conference, Anthony Cooke, assistant commissioner of New South Wales Police said: “This all happened very, very quickly – the officer that was in the vicinity attended on her own, was guided to the location of the offender by people who were in the centre.

“She took the actions that she did saving a range of people’s lives; (she was) an inspector, a senior police officer – she was on her own.”

Police have said they believe the attacker was a 40-year-old male who was previously known to law enforcement agencies. While no motivation has yet been established, it is not believed to be a terror-related incident.

Terrified shoppers were forced to take cover in stores until the attacker as shot dead (Rick Rycroft/AP) (AP)

A supervisor of a luggage store in the centre said he witnessed the attacker stab a woman and saw the bodies of four people on the ground, including two security guards.

Yohan Francois Philip, 29, said a woman fleeing the attacker ran to his shop, “banged on the door and said let me in”.

He added: “As I was letting her in, the perpetrator fell behind her with a knife and I saw him and so did the other customers in the store locked in with us and so we quickly pulled her in, locked the door, he got up and we realised he just stabbed two security guards.

“Then he ran across to the corner part of the luggage store, to the premium section, and he stabbed a woman which I saw happen right in front of me.”

Another shopper also described the attacker heading in her direction before the female inspector shot him dead.

Two brothers desperately attempted to save the life of the mother and her baby (9 News Australia)

“If she didn’t shoot him, he would have kept going,” she said. “He was on the rampage.

“Then she walked over and gave him CPR. He had a big blade on him – she chucked the knife away. He looked like he was on a killing spree.”

King Charles has said he and the Queen were “utterly shocked and horrified” by the “senseless attack” in Sydney and their “hearts go out to the families and loved ones of those who have been so brutally killed”.

Prince William and Kate also offered their condolences, and said they were “shocked and saddened by the terrible events”.

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