Ukraine war latest: Kyiv army chief says eastern front has ‘significantly worsened’ as Putin steps up attacks

UK has fasttracked the production of laser energy and radio waves weaponry

Kyiv’s military chief has said that Ukraine’s battlefield situation in the industrial east had “significantly worsened in recent days”, as Russia increase their attacks.

Analysts for the Institute for the Study of War have warned that delays in Western military assistance would increasingly hamper their ability to fight back against Russian advances.

It comes as sixteen people were killed in the Russian-held town of Tokmak in the southern Zaporizhzhia region after it was shelled by the Ukrainian military.

Yevgeny Balitsky, the region’s top official, said on Telegram that the shelling on Friday night also injured at least 20 people, 12 of them seriously.

Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday its forces had captured Pervomaiske, a village in the Donetsk region where Moscow has focused its offensive for months.

Meanwhile, Switzerland announced it would host a conference in June to help chart a path for peace in Ukraine after over two years of fighting.

But Vladimir Putin said a peace process couldn’t happen without Russia.


Delays in Western assistance will hamper Kyiv’s ability to fight Russians, says think tank

Washington-based think tank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) warned that delays in Western military assistance would increasingly hamper Ukraine’s ability to fight back against Russian advances.

With the war in Ukraine entering its third year and a vital US aid package for Kyiv stuck in Congress, Russia has used its edge in firepower and personnel to step up attacks across eastern Ukraine.

It has increasingly used satellite-guided gliding bombs – dropped from planes from a safe distance – to pummel Ukrainian forces beset by a shortage of troops and ammunition.

A woman looks through the rubble of a building destroyed by bombing in the town of Kostyantynivka, Donetsk region, on 11 April 2024, amid the Russian invasion in Ukraine (AFP via Getty Images)

In its report, the ISW said that Russian forces were prioritising grinding, tactical gains with operational-level efforts focusing on the cities of Lyman, Chasiv Yar, and Pokrovsk.

“The Russian military command likely assesses that Ukrainian forces will be unable to defend against current and future Russian offensive operations due to delays in or the permanent end of US military assistance,” the think tank said.

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Zelensky condemns Iran’s attack on Israel

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday condemned Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel, calling for efforts to prevent a further escalation in Middle East conflict.

“Iran’s actions threaten the entire region and the world, just as Russia’s actions threaten a larger conflict, and the obvious collaboration between the two regimes in spreading terror must face a resolute and united response from the world,” he wrote on social media platform X.

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More civilians die in Ukraine amid warnings of US aid delays

More civilians died across Ukraine on Sunday as analysts warned that delays in US military assistance would see Kyiv struggle to fight off Russian offensives.

One man was killed when a Russian drone hit the truck he was driving in the Sumy region, the local prosecutor’s office said.

Officials in the Kharkiv region also said they had retrieved the bodies of a 61-year-old woman and a 68-year-old man killed by a Russian strike the previous day.

Ten Russian Shahed-type drones were shot down over the Kharkiv region overnight, the Ukrainian Air Force said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, shelling in the Russian-occupied Kherson region killed two civilians on Sunday, said Moscow-installed leader Vladimir Saldo.

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Kherson official says two people killed in Ukrainian strikes

Two people were killed by Ukrainian strikes in a Russian-held area of Ukraine’s Kherson, the region’s top official said on Sunday.

One person was wounded, Vladimir Saldo wrote on the Telegram messaging app.


Germany to send new Patriot air defence system to Kyiv at ‘critical time’, Zelensky says

Germany will supply a US-made Patriot air defence system and air defence missiles to Ukraine at a “critical time” as Kyiv struggles to defend its energy system from Russian bombardment, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said.

More than two years into its full-scale invasion, Russia has staged three massive airstrikes on power stations and substations in recent weeks, prompting Kyiv to issue desperate appeals for supplies of high-end air defences.

“Germany will deliver an additional Patriot air defence system to Ukraine,” Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz said on X, a reminder that Germany is now a key backer of Ukraine with US assistance stuck in Congress.

“We stand steadfast on the side of Ukraine,” Mr Scholz said, adding that Mr Zelensky had informed him in a telephone call on Saturday about “massive Russian air attacks on civilian energy infrastructure”.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during a meeting with Lithuania’s president at the Presidential Palace in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 11 April 2024 (AFP via Getty Images)

Germany’s ambassador to Ukraine, Martin Jaeger, said on X: “Other international partners must follow quickly now.”

Mr Zelensky said on the Telegram messaging app that he was grateful to Mr Scholz for the decision to supply another, additional Patriot system, and missiles for existing air defence systems.

Later in his nightly video address, Mr Zelensky indicated talks were underway about expanding German transfers of another air defence system, though German officials did not reference this in their remarks.

“We are also working with Germany on an additional IRIS-T system, which is also a strong air defence system, and on missiles for our existing air defence systems,” Mr Zelensky said in his video address.

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Ukraine says it downed 10 Russian drones

Ukraine’s air force today said its air defence systems destroyed all 10 attack drones that Russia had launched at the country.

The air force said on Telegram that Russia also attacked Ukraine with four missiles but did not say what happened to them.

A local resident walks past heavily damaged buildings in the town of Selydove, Donetsk region, on 12 April 2024, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine (AFP via Getty Images)


Russia claims to have destroyed 15 Ukrainian drones over Krasnodar, Black Sea

Russia’s defence ministry today said its air defense systems destroyed 10 Ukrainian drones over the Krasnodar region in southern Russia and five drones over the Black Sea.

The ministry, in a statement on the Telegram messaging app, did not say whether there was any damage from the attacks.

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Ukrainian attack on town held by Russia kills 16

A local official in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region today said that the death toll from the Ukrainian military’s shelling of the town of Tokmak had risen to 16.

Yevgeny Balitsky, the top official in the region appointed by Moscow, said on Telegram that 20 people had been wounded in the shelling on Friday night, with 12 in serious condition.

There has been no comment from Ukraine on the alleged attack.

Zaporizhzhia is one of four Ukrainian regions that have been partially occupied by Russian forces and which Moscow moved to annex after launching its invasion on Ukraine in February 2022.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene defends Putin as she lays into Johnson ahead of Trump meeting

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene laid into Speaker of the House Mike Johnson on Friday, criticising his support for a legislative package that includes funding for Ukraine and accusing him of bothering Donald Trump by meeting with him.

“The American people are the ones writing the cheque and I absolutely hate everybody here doing this,” Ms Greene said. “I mean I seriously hate them for doing this for the American people and paying for the murder and slaughter of the people in Ukraine.”

Read the full article here:

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Editorial: Donald Trump’s plan for peace in Ukraine means no peace at all

It cannot have been a great surprise to the foreign secretary, David Cameron, that Donald Trump showed such little interest in supporting Ukraine’s war of resistance. Had Mr Trump wanted to see Ukraine receive the military assistance that Kyiv has been begging for, and which remains stalled in the House of Representatives, he’d have given it the nod months ago, and the Republican caucus would have responded with alacrity.

Read the full editorial here:

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