Chad Daybell created ‘alternate reality’, prosecutors say as trial enters third week

Prosecution delivers opening statements in murder trial of Chad Daybell

Chad Daybell created an “alternate reality” as he sought to eliminate “obstacles” in pursuit of a life with Lori Vallow, prosecutors say as the “doomsday cult” author’s trial enters its third week.

During opening statements last week, prosecutors said Daybell’s “desire for sex, power, and money led to the murders” of his former wife Tammy Daybell and Vallow’s children, Tylee, 16, and JJ, seven, who were found buried on Daybell’s property in 2020.

Daybell’s defence attorney John Prior, however, said his client was manipulated by Vallow.

During testimony, Rexburg police detective Rey Hermosillo took the court through their horrific process of digging up the remains of the children, which appeared to spark a reaction in the normally emotionaless Daybell.

Spectators at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho noticed as Daybell began to tremble when the gruesome pictures were shown to the jury, according to East Idaho News.

Last year, Vallow was convicted in the three murders and sentenced to life in prison. Jurors heard how she, Daybell and her late brother Alex Cox were fuelled, in part, by their bizarre cult beliefs.

If convicted, Daybell faces either the death penalty or life in prison.


Watch live: Chad Daybell’s triple murder trial enters third week

The trial of Chad Daybell is entering its third week with more testimony.

It is being livestreamed on Judge Steven Boyce’s YouTube channel:

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Judge rules defence cannot reference Alex Cox and Joseph Ryan incidents

In a hearing held before the jury was brought in and before spectators were seated, Judge Steven Boyce ruled that Chad Daybell’s defence attorney John Prior cannot reference the incidents involving Joseph Ryan and Alex Cox.

Joseph Ryan was Lori Vallow’s third husband and the father of Tylee. He was found dead in April 2018 and his death was ruled a heart attack. However, his case was reopened after Vallow’s fourth husband Charles Vallow was killed. But no foul play was suspected.

Alex Cox is Lori Vallow’s late brother. In 2007, he reportedly used a taser on Joseph Ryan in the midst of a custody dispute. But the judge ruled that Mr Prior cannot bring up these incidents.

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Spectators line up outside courthouse for Chad Daybell’s trial

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The charges against Chad Daybell

  • Murder of Tammy Daybell
  • Murder of Joshua “JJ” Vallow
  • Murder of Tylee Ryan
  • Conspiracy to commit murder of Tammy Daybell
  • Conspiracy to commit murder and grand theft in the death of Joshua “JJ” Vallow
  • Conspiracy to commit murder and grand theft in the death of Tylee Ryan

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RECAP: Detective describes horror of finding Tylee and JJ’s remains

Rexburg police detective Rey Hermosillo took the court through the horrific process of digging up the remains of Tylee, 16, and JJ, seven, who were found buried on Chad Daybell’s property.

Spectators at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho noticed the “doomsday cult” author start to tremble as the gruesome pictures were shown to the jury.

Det Hermosillo says they could only work for a few minutes because the smell was so bad.

Kids Killed Doomsday Plot Trial (Post Register no sales no mags)

As they dug deeper, they found bone fragments and “globs of burnt flesh starting to protrude through the dirt.”

A green object was found and started to take a “roundish shape” and “at that point we saw what appeared to be the shape of a green melted bucket that appeared to have the remains of what we assumed was Tylee charred and burned inside that bucket.”

Tylee’s remains were collected and put into a body bag.

“The smell was horrendous,” the detective said.

Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow (Family handout)

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Court resumes today in Chad Daybell trial

The trial of Chad Daybell resumes today with the state’s next witness.

It will begin at 8.30 MT / 10.30 ET.

The identity of this witness is not yet known.

Last week, Det Hermosillo was the state’s first witness. He was dismissed for the time being, but remained under subpoena to appear later in the proceedings.

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ICYMI: Lawyers make opening remarks in Chad Daybell trial

Prosecution delivers opening statements in murder trial of Chad Daybell

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Who was Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow?

Joshua “JJ” Vallow was last seen on 23 September 2019. In the last known picture of him, he is wearing red pyjamas – the same ones he was wearing when his remains were found nine months later. He was seven years old.

Lori Vallow and her fourth husband Charles adopted JJ in 2014. JJ is also the biological grandson of Charles Vallow’s sister Kay Woodcock.

Ms Woodcock, who was the first witness in Vallow’s tria last year, told jurors that JJ was born with some disabilities and was diagnosed with autism.

After Charles Vallow died, Ms Woodcock said she feared Vallow no longer wanted the boy.

JJ was attending Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, Idaho before Vallow informed them he would not be returning and that he would be homeschooled.

JJ Vallow on the day he was last seen alive (Ada County Court)

In November, Ms Woodcock requested a welfare check on the boy, which sparked a nationwide search.

During Vallow’s trial, Ms Woodcock and her husband Larry sobbed as graphic evidence was shown to the court.

The grandparents were regulars at the trial and as it neared the end, Mr Woodcock could be found playing “The Party’s Over” while lined up outside the court before blaring “We Will Rock You” inside.

Both songs held a special personal meaning to him and his grandson JJ and they would often sing them together, he said.

“Today is the day,” he told journalists outside the court, dressed in a “World’s Greatest Papa” t-shirt. “I’m not the world’s greatest papa… but I hope I was the world’s greatest papa to JJ and Tylee.”

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Who was Tylee Ryan?

Tylee Ryan, 16, was the daughter of Lori Vallow and her third husband, Joseph Ryan.

She was described by family members as “loving, and constantly laughing,” according to KPVI.

Tylee also loved spending time with her friends and watching “The Office,” but “more than anything” she loved hanging out with little brother JJ and older brother Colby Ryan, the outlet reported.

“She’s so witty … even for adults, like, she would have me laughing,” Echo Itaaehau, a family friend, told KTVK. “She could be sassy, but just super sweet and tender-hearted.”

Tylee spent most of her life in Arizona, but a week before going missing, she had moved from Arizona with her family to Rexburg, Idaho.

She was last seen on 8 September 2019, on a trip to Yellowstone National Park with JJ, her mother and Cox. A photo of the children and Cox is now widely circulated.

Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow (Family handout)

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Who was Tammy Daybell?

Tammy was the former wife of Chad Daybell. On 19 October 2019, the healthy 49-year-old died suddenly in her sleep.

Despite the mysterious circumstances, her husband declined an autopsy and her death was ruled from natural causes.

Less than weeks later, he married Lori Vallow.

It was only after her two children were reported missing weeks later – and authorities began delving into Vallow and Daybell, their sudden remarriage and bizarre cult beliefs – that questions began being asked about her death.

Tammy and Chad Daybell were married in 1990. He is now accused of conspiring with Lori Vallow to kill her (Facebook)

Investigators exhumed her body for an autopsy in December 2020 and found that Tammy had died “at the hands of another and died of asphyxiation.”

In a shocking moment revealed at Vallow’s trial, Daybell had predicted his wife Tammy would soon be dead.

Daybell is charged with murder in relation to her death, as well as the murders of Vallow’s two children. He’s also charged with conspiracy to commit murder for all three deaths.

Just ahead of Daybell’s trial, Tammy’s family released a statement:

(Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation)

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