Trump New York hush money criminal trial: Live updates

Donald Trump says states should choose their own abortion laws

Donald Trump will make history once again on Monday morning when he becomes the first American president to ever stand trial on criminal charges.

The former president has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records in a bid to conceal a hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, in order to silence her over an alleged affair in 2006.

The charges on their own are misdemeanours but have been elevated to felonies because Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg says they were carried out to facilitate another crime – violating state or federal election laws.

Mr Trump denies both the affair and has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The trial will get under way with jury selection at 10am ET in Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom.

On Monday morning, Mr Trump instantly unleashed a series of rants on Truth Social blasting “the Biden Manhattan Witch Hunt Case” and claiming he wants “my VOICE back”.

“I want my VOICE back. This Crooked Judge has GAGGED me. Unconstitutional! The other side can talk about me, but I am not allowed to talk about them! Rigged Trial!” he wrote.


Watch live: Donald Trump’s historic ‘hush money’ trial begins in New York

Here’s a livestream from the courthouse courtesy of IndyTV.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 13:35


Does Trump have to be in court every day of hush money trial?

Here’s another interesting query: does the defendant actually have to be there?

Amelia Neath has this one.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 13:25


What prison sentence could Trump face if he is convicted at his hush money trial?

Another fundamental issue at the heart of today’s proceedings: what kind of jeopardy is Donald Trump actually facing?

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 13:15


Will Trump’s hush money trial be televised?

Here’s a quick look at one of the key questions of the day: what will we actually be able to see?

Will Trump’s hush money trial be televised?

Republican presidential contender will make history (again) in Manhattan on Monday when he becomes the first former US president to face criminal proceedings over the Stormy Daniels scandal

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 12:55


Anti-Trump protesters begin to assemble outside courthouse

Here’s the latest from Alex Woodward court-side:

“There are three protesters in the small park across from the courthouse. One sign reads CONVICT TRUMP ALREADY. Another large wooden banner spoofs his campaign logo to read LOSER.”

A small group of anti-Trump protesters gather outside the courthouse in Manhattan (Alex Woodward/The Independent)

While that’s a noble effort, it rather pales in comparison to the big turnout that greeted Trump’s arraignment on 4 April last year, about which you can read more below.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 12:45


Every day brings new drama about Trump’s legal perils. Here’s why today really matters

Here’s Ariana Baio with what the legal experts have had to say about today’s trial and its significance for the American justice system.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 12:35


The People v Donald Trump: Inside the first-ever criminal trial of an American president

In the weeks after he descended his beloved golden escalator from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to announce his presidential campaign, Donald Trump would arrange a scheme to bury compromising stories of his affairs to clear his path to the White House.

From that very same building, then-candidate Trump allegedly orchestrated a plan to buy up damaging stories that threatened his candidacy, only to ensure they would never be published, and then reimbursed his attorney who paid off an adult film star whose story of an affair with the Republican nominee for the presidency threatened to derail his campaign.

Those reimbursements were allegedly falsified as business expenses – the crime at the centre of an alleged plot to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, one that will come into sharp relief during a weeks-long criminal trial in Manhattan that begins on 15 April.

The People of the State of New York v Donald J Trump is the first-ever criminal trial against an American president, falling in the middle of another election year, in a case that describes an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the election that launched him into political domination.

Here’s Alex Woodward to put the magnitude of it all in context for us.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 12:15


Truth Social: Trump calls for case against him to be dropped and again complains about non-existent Democratic conspiracy

Trump is out of bed and “truthing” for all he’s worth: citing imaginary legal scholars as he calls for today’s trial to be scrapped and alleging without any evidence at all that “Radical Left Democrats” have brought the cases against him to tie him up in court and eat up his cash to keep him off the campaign trail.

More surprisingly, he’s also been engaging in a little political satire.

Here’s the latest on his brutal case of the Mondays.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 12:00


Who is Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over Trump’s hush money case?

Rachel Sharp and Io Dodds have this look at Judge Juan Merchan, the justice who has weathered a blizzard of spurious motions and personal attacks on his daughter to make sure today’s hearing happens on time.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 11:50


Who is Alvin Bragg? The district attorney who could bring down Trump

Alex Woodward offers this profile of the New York prosecutor hoping to bring the former president to book.

Joe Sommerlad15 April 2024 11:35

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