Jimmy Kimmel trolls viewers by passing off Lara Trump song as Taylor Swift

Jimmy Kimmel seized the moment of Taylor Swift’s anticipated album release to play a prank on the public by telling them Lara Trump’s single was a track from The Tortured Poets Department.

Swifties worldwide have already delved and dissected the pop star’s 11th studio album, including a surprise double album that dropped a few hours after the initial tracklist was available to listen to overnight on Friday.

While the music industry-dominating singer’s fans will be enjoying the 31 new songs, late show host Kimmel decided to use the upcoming release of Swift’s new album to prank the public at a Los Angeles farmers market.

“Taylor Swift’s album isn’t the only major release this month,” Kimmel said on his Thursday night show. “It’s the biggest, but we also got a new single a couple of weeks ago from RNC co-chair and former first daughter-in-law Lara Trump.”

While Kimmel admitted that he is “biased” in the fact that Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law is “terrible”, he decided to turn it over to the public – not without having a little fun with them first.

The public were initially shocked when Kimmel’s team pretended ‘Anything Is Possible’ was sung by Taylor Swift (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Kimmel’s team played Lara Trump’s “Anything Is Possible”, a song she released at the end of March, telling her X followers it was “a little something I had fun with over the winter”.

The public listened to lyrics, including lines such as: “Talking to that little girl/ riding on a pegasus/ tell her everything’s gonna be alright”, and were asked who they thought it was who was singing and what they thought of the tune.

“Honestly, I don’t know who that is; it’s not very good,” one listener said. Others reviewed the song a little harshly, with one woman saying it sounds “really, really robotic – more like AI.”

Others commented that they thought the “pitch was pretty off” on the track.

Lara Trump speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in March. Ms Trump has dabbled in her own bit of music, releasing a single a few weeks ago (Getty Images)

The team then pretended that the song had come from Swift and her upcoming album, which caused some shock and confusion, including with one woman, who said she was a Swiftie, starting to apologise to the pop star for her harsh comments.

Another woman was not so convinced, saying it “doesn’t sound like her” and questioned whether Swift had “hurt her voice”.

Others also suggested that Swift may have been suffering from an ailment or two when recording her album, with one listener saying she “sounds sick”, adding that she may have some phlegm in her throat or that she’s “drinking too much, maybe smoking a little weed”.

“I don’t want to offend the Swifties,” one man told Kimmel’s crew. “But that was the single worst thing that she has ever released that I have personally listened to in my ears.”

Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ , was released overnight on Friday 19 April (AP)

However, the listeners were relieved when the crew revealed that it was not Swift who they just listened to; instead, it was the Republican National Committee’s new co-chair, Lara Trump, who was elected into her role shortly after her father-in-law former president endorsed her for the position.

“That makes way more sense,” most of the prankees declared.

“No wonder it sounds bad,” another offered.

When asked to describe the song in three words, one person said it was: “Unhinged, unnecessary, unethical”, while another simply said, “Try again”.

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