Trump trial live: Full jury sat as ex-president faces hearing over potential testimony

Trump appears in court for fourth day of hush money trial

The full panel of 18 jurors who will hear the evidence against Donald Trump and ultimately decide his fate has been seated.

Friday afternoon, the final five alternate jurors were picked from a batch of 22 Manhattan residents. They will join alternate juror number one, who was chosen on Thursday as well as the 12 main jurors.

So long as no other jurors drop out or are dismissed from the panel, the first day of trial can begin as early as Monday, Judge Juan Merchan indicated.

Friday’s court proceeding will include a Sandoval hearing – where the prosecution will ask Judge Merchan whether or not they can bring up prior misconduct and court cases Mr Trump, or his organization, have been involved in during cross-examination.

The Republican presidential candidate, who complained the case has become a “mess”, faces 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal a payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleges it was part of a greater catch-and-kill scheme Mr Trump engaged in to influence the outcome of the presidential election.


Watch: Police gather after man sets himself on fire outside Trump courthouse

Police gather after man sets himself on fire outside Trump courthouse

Ariana Baio19 April 2024 20:00


Incident will not delay trial proceedings

A spokesperson for the Manhattan Criminal Court told reporters that the incident would not delay court proceedings.

Alex Woodward, Ariana Baio 19 April 2024 19:58


‘People started screaming’ man who witnessed self immolation says

Dave, a man who witnessed the individual set himself on fire outside of the New York Criminal Courthouse this afternoon, described a horrific and sad incident

“Papers clattered on the ground and that caught our attention well my attention anyway and I kinda wondered ‘well what are those papers’,” Dave told The Independent’s Alex Woodward.

“But then he pulled out a can and poured it over himself.”

The man who self-immolated has not been identified. Local law enforcement extinguished him and quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital. It is unclear what condition he is in.

Dave said people around him were “horrified” and became screaming. The incident happened so quickly, nobody was able to stop it.

“It’s awful to see that,” he said, visibly shaken.

Alex Woodward, Ariana Baio19 April 2024 19:40


Trump testimony hearing will begin this afternoon

The hearing pertaining to content that can be used during Donald Trump’s possible cross-examination will begin at 3:15pm.

It is known as a Sandoval hearing – named after a court case that set a precedent requiring criminal trials to hold a hearing to determine what prior misconduct be used during cross-examination if the defendant testifies.

Mr Trump has indicated he wants to and will testify in the New York criminal trial.

Prosecutors told Judge Juan Merchan they would bring up prior court cases that Mr Trump, or the Trump Organization, is involved in. This includes the E Jean Carroll defamation case, the Trump Organization criminal tax fraud case and more.

Ariana Baio, Alex Woodward19 April 2024 19:30


The scene at New York Criminal Court where a man self immolated

Dave is just a spectator at the courthouse, who wasn’t able to get in this morning, and there was a small demonstration in the park. He heard the clattering of papers and turned to look. There were lots of neon-colored pieces of paper, what looked like postcard-sized pamphlets. He then saw a man pour a liquid on himself.

A breeze just carried a bunch of pamphlets near a fence. It’s unclear what they said but the title read “The True History of the World.” New York police officers scrambled to the fence to pick them up

Alex Woodward19 April 2024 19:10


Man self immolated in park

The person on fire outside of the Manhattan Criminal Court self-immolated, according to reports.

He was in the Collect Pond Park, directly across from the courthouse entrance, behind barricades that have been placed for supporters to protest.

The Independent’s Alex Woodward reports that the area is “filled with a handful of police and fire crews.”

“Some smoke is coming off the cement, where some ash remains.”

Ariana Baio, Alex Woodward19 April 2024 18:55


Breaking: Person on fire outside of New York Criminal Court

An individual is on fire outside the Manhattan Criminal Court where jury selection has just wrapped up in Donald Trump’s criminal trial, according to reports.

It is unclear if this individual set themselves on fire or if it was accidentally.

Ariana Baio19 April 2024 18:48


Trump’s hush money trial opening arguments will begin Monday

All 12 jurors and six alternates have been seated for Donald Trump’s first criminal trial, which will begin in earnest on Monday with opening arguments.

Five final alternate jurors were selected on Friday, concluding a four-day week of jury selection to begin the first-ever criminal trial of an American president.

The former president, craning his neck to watch a final pool of potential jurors, leaned in his chair and scribbled notes at the defence table as a group of Manhattan residents was quizzed about their opinions of him.

“I believe we have a full panel,” New York Justice Juan Merchan told the courtroom on Friday afternoon, after seating five alternates.

Alex Woodward reports from Manhattan Criminal Court:

Alex Woodward19 April 2024 18:43


Final alternate chosen; ‘We have a full panel’

The final alternate needed to complete the jury has been chosen.

Seat 20 is alternate juror #6, closing out jury selection in Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

“We have a full panel,” Judge Juan Merchan said.

Ariana Baio, Alex Woodward19 April 2024 18:33


Alternate juror five chosen

After some back-and-forth on challenges to jurors, a fifth alternate has been chosen.

Seat 5, a woman who lives in Chinatown, is alternate juror #5

Ariana Baio, Alex Woodward19 April 2024 18:32

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