Watch live: EU ministers arrive in Luxembourg amid rising tensions in Ukraine and Middle East

Watch live as European Union foreign ministers arrive in Luxembourg for a meeting to discuss the situations in the Middle East and Ukraine on Monday, 22 April.

Politicians will attend the Foreign Affairs Council, chaired by the high representative for foreign affairs and security Josep Borrell, to discuss Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East including developments on the ground and in the wider region, and the latest developments in Sudan.

It comes after Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to fight any impending US sanction on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) following its onslaught in the Gaza Strip.

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to sanction a unit of the Iraeli military after a ProPublica investigation claimed that the State Department sat for months on evidence of serious human rights abuses.

An internal State Department investigation had identified multiple Israeli police and military units facing accusations of human rights abuses including allegations of torture, according to the investigation published last Wednesday.

In Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked the United States Congress and House Speaker Mike Johnson specifically for what he said was “a show of leadership and strength of the United States” after the House of Representatives approved a $60.8bn bill to help his country buy weapon systems and munitions and to restock US supplies that were depleted by previous aid packages.

Elsewhere, A yearlong war in Sudan has devastated the country and pushed its people to the brink of famine after tensions between the military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces escalated into open fighting.

Diplomats and aid groups are meeting Monday in Paris to discuss humanitarian support for the northeastern African nation to prevent further collapse.

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