SAMA licenses two fintech payment firms, bringing total to 21 

Follow-ups -eshrag News: Fri, 2022-09-16 11:57 RIYADH: The Saudi Central Bank has licensed Arab Sea Financial Co. and Fatoorah as…

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Life Style

Life Style: Meet the Egyptian choreographer bringing amapiano, dancehall to the Arab world

Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin questions colonial narratives in new Berlin exhibition LONDON: In the early 1960s, France conducted a…

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Is Newcastle bringing Saudi style to new away strip?

eshrag News: Fri, 2022-05-13 19:45 LONDON: Newcastle United’s away kit for next season could be adorned with the green and white…

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COVID-19 scared patients out of hospitals, bringing on health neglect and extreme backlogs

health Eshrag: Pandemic healthcare neglect causes hospital backlog Doctors across the country are now seeing more patients who chose to…

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