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RealityOS — the name you use to run the rumored virtual and augmented reality playback — appeared in a trademark file spotted by Parker Ortolani.

Bloomberg News first reported on the trademark for the “fast operating system” in 2017, and references to the name in Apple software.

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This brand app is the latest and coolest version, which is a common practice before public launch.

In January, Bloomberg News reported that the headset was planned to be released in late 2022 after an announcement at the company’s developer conference, but that this may be delayed due to development challenges, and the headset may now be launched in 2023, to Bloomberg.

Brand Documents to “Dangerous Computers” Wu’s design of Apple’s headphones has reportedly been the source of much speculation over the years, but most reports suggest they will be able to offer virtual and augmented reality experiences, immersing them in virtual content as well as virtual layers. for real world elements.

Importantly, the trademark RealityOS is being applied for by Apple itself, and instead registered by Reality Systems LLC. OK, OK, OK, OK, email icon, OK, brand icon, to serve as an icon for it, to disguise its post on The Virgin tech site.

You can use “Yosemite Research LLC” technologies to register industrial neighborhood names such as Yosemite, Big Sur and Monterey.

Both Realityo Systems LLC and Yosemite Research LLC are both registered and registered at the same address, which largely means Apple is behind them, and RealityOS trademark files, the trademark for public use of the name not yet released), are the only apps associated with By Realityo Systems.

The applications were discovered before the date of the announcement of the scheduled announcement of the company’s scheduled announcement for Apple’s next annual developer on June 6, a company in the deadlines on June 8, and by announcing the headset the keynote of Apple, but Mark Gorman is scheduled to Bloomberg to That the timing of the release date of the eighth of June of the last version of the last version of May. “Maybe we’ll see that at the WWDC conference,” Gorman tweeted, “but the trademark request is proof of that.”

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